[SOLVED] Server is full? (1 Dec)

Got booted out of my game with a message saying that the server was full. Nothing wrong with my internet and have lost all the flags used for that level in the Christmas event. Not happy as time taken to replenish those flags is at least 90 minutes. Time that I don’t have available to wait around for. Not happy

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Yes, this happened to me too just now. I was doing a raid and got booted. Lost the raid flag. :frowning:

Same here!! Lost 9 flags because of it and I needed the monsters to fill my chest, now I have to wait for it to replenish :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had the same problem. It was in tournament, of course I lost with 0 points.

Got the same error as well, lost my flags!

I get “Our servers are running at a maximum capacity. Please try again a bit later” when I try to run the game.

Same here… Got server full message in middle of a 9 flag event quest :frowning:

Me too. Booted out
I’d just won a raid too.

Wonder what will happen when you get this crap during an Hero pull? Do you loose the token and no Hero gained?? Anyone knows about this?

Same here… To be more specific I was in the middle of a tournament battle and I booted because of full server. My account is #8T5WF5 and I use version 33.0.0 build 1379 of the game. How do I get my flag back and how the defeat will be deleted?

I saw the weird WiFi symbol on my phone and logged out. Thank goodness, losing flags is a huge bummer.

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Here seem to be some problems, I am also suffering them.

tim 9

I got “servers full” message twice in last half an hour or so, but when I press “OK” it logs me back in the game normally.

Luckily, I logged off too, when the WiFi symbol appeared.

Happy December :dizzy_face::sweat:.

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I did not even get the chance to play. When I try to play the recruits quest, it just gives me the wifi symbol like I have no connection, but there is nothing wrong with my net…

Can I play now without fear of losing more flags?
If I do not use them, its a waste anyway… what a bummer :frowning:

Did not have this error but the game quite frequently says today to me there is no wifi while internet on phone goes just fine. Apparently there is some kind of server overload.

Same problems here… Everyone wants Santa this AM. Suggest we all go try Real Life ™ for a while.

It happened to me too :joy::joy::joy: but it’s nothing about the flags are back in a while

This little heart attack, after hitting the beast :scream:

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