[SOLVED] Server Incident 19 Nov

Just a head’s up, I am getting a disconnect and servers full message on multiple devices. Don’t start any important 20 energy challenge missions for a while, just to be sure.

Note, I was able to connect, but Alliance is gone. Wait for the game to stabilize for sure.


Same for me

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You beat me to it! :rofl:

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Me also I was doing tournament battles and the load screen was slow so I restarted the app now the servers are full

I got disconnected when fighting our titan :confounded:

So it’s not just me! I cant get back in

Cannot raid either:

Same here.

20 full servers.

I guess I have similar problem. I wanted to check opponents in AW, and it is stuck at this:

Same getting same message

20 multi million dial up severs

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looks like a widespread issue :slight_smile: spinny ciricle when trying to farm

+1 (20 chars…)

You paid too much and now it’s full


I’m getting the same message, we should be compensated :rofl:


Here too…20 full servers

It is happened is this part of the world too … I hope some compensation, we need to kill the titan soon

Same here. Can’t get on.

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@Petri @zephyr1 @littleKAF @Rook @mhalttu

Please see post. Anyone aware?
Getting connection error myself.