[SOLVED] Server full pop up/Cannot Connect

I got booted in the middle of a titan attack. I thought it might be on my end so I went back in, started my attack and was booted again. This time I can’t get back in and getting a server full pop up. I took a pic but not sure how to attach (or even if I can).

Same here. Hopefully they will fix this quickly and it be back and running in an hour or 2.

It caught me in my titan attack too. These things usually get sorted quickly, just hold your attacks until it gets settled. I’m combining this into one thread to make communications with SG easier.

Hello this is for to say
I have a problem to connect in my account and I see the message the server is full so please can you repare this problem quickly
Thank you

There’s another active issue thread talking about people getting locked out of alliances. I think this might be emergency maintenance fixing that.

Yes I am one that can’t get into the game. Thank God some of my alliance peeps have line. Also told me they got kicked and another said not in an alliance when tried to join said he is in one. Please fix this problem soon!!!
Thank You

Is anyone else having issues connecting to the game this morning?

Yep I am also not able to get in for a bit now. Still Says Connection Failed.

Came here to check wondering if it was just my phone and saw this. Bbl then :grinning:

Yeah. I’m on Wifi and it says connection error. I have put too much into this gave not to be able to play it. What’s going on here?

Same here. Glad to know it’s not just me. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Bonjour, gros bug sur le jeu. Je peux m’y connecter mais tchat alliance impossible. Cela affiche comme si je n’avais pas d’alliance et pourtant quand je chercher mon alliance je m’y vois bien dedans.
Si le support pouvais régler ca rapidement. Cela fais beaucoup de bug en peu de temps cela commence à être fatiguant

Yes I already playing now I can’t get back on my other game apps work fine what’s up?

I was also having a few issues. I logged out COMPLETELY ( …i.e…Forced app closed, cleared cache & did a memory “boost”). I then logged back into the game and it is working fine now.

Just thought I would share, hope it will help!

Same issue here. Can not connect!

It says server is full. Hopefully they will address this quickly.

Ich wurde wären des Kampfes rausgeschmissen und bekomme jetzt keine Verbindung mehr.

There’s another thread talking about people being locked out of their alliances. This down time might be maintenance trying to fix that.

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Small Giant is already working on this. Usually things aren’t down, but I’d suggest holding off on titan strikes until things settle down.

Apparently some folks are showing they’re not in alliances, which has happened once before. This will get sorted in the fix.

Please pass along info within the game that this is already being worked on, and to please not create new threads on this topic in the forum.

Hi everyone, we have now resolved the server issues, apologies for the inconvenience!


Thanks SG for the swift response!

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