[SOLVED] Season II Hard Mode Progress in Player Profile Showing Up as 270/270

My progression in the maps says “Completed”. Why Season II Hard Mode indicates 270/270?

Am i the only one having this issue?

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Same. Never noticed before but now it’s bugging me.

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This pic says it all. Why is S2 Hard not ‘Completed’ the same as the others…

It’s starting to give me OCD :sweat_smile:


It’s sitting there for a year already and bothering me ever since. Thanks for making the effort to bring it to SG’s attention. :+1:

Want to join our support group? Meetings every Wednesday… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Season 2 : 270 / 270 indicates status of all stages as we progress / complete them.

When totally completed … it shows by numbers… don’t understand how it’s an issue…


I think in S2 we can do hard stages in any order, that’s why 270/270; on S3 we had to do hard stages in order if I remember correctly, stage by stage, but I agree that after reaching all finished hard stages on S2, it should just say : ‘Completed’


Well, obviously people are different. As there is no reason why SII should not be denoted as ‘completed’ as well, some of us feel it puzzling to see this 270 thing. I prefer it orderly… :nerd_face:



Thank you for the report! We’ll look into fixing this in one of the upcoming updates.


Thanks, @Petri.

Now, let’s dance, @dansing.


I finished S2, 270/270 and still have not received all the rewards offered. Did miss something?

You can get those rewards at the Mission page.

I’d prefer they fix something like hero academy or heroes with bugs (alfrike, muggy, who knows might be more) than a text change from 270/270 to completed… Waste of time lol, it means the same thing.

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This is issue has been fixed in the latest update (Version 36). I’ll mark this as solved.

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