[SOLVED] Season 5 Amulet Mission

After completing province 4 the amulet received Tjet does not match the the Season 5 mission. The Udjat Eye looks like it will not be available until next month ( completing province 7).


Woah that is a real bummer.

Need some help here.


Help please. Thank you.

I have already sent a message to Staff about it.


Thank you for the report, we’ll look into this here!


The order has been fixed now and should be live in the game. I’ll mark this topic as solved.


What will happen with the mission if I’ve completed the stages with the Tjet amulet while this mission was bugged? Can it be corrected (if I contact Support) or will it remain as it is?

Thx for the quick fix @Petri

Thanks for the quick response.

The counter is working and artwork has changed, but the mission text still reads incorrectly ( Udjat eye mastery vs. Tjet mastery)

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