[SOLVED] Says "No Opponent Available" (Found) when trying to Raid [Developer Response in Post #9]

I’ll mark this as solved now as the initial issue should be fixed.

Help I have been having this issue for 2 days now

The game sticks when searching opponents in raid. Sowing nonstop sign “no opponents available”. I’ve changed the network, restarted the game but it is still showing the same message in raid menu.

This is a known issue. @zephyr1 ? @Rook ?

I suggest you to click on a revenge and immediately after on re-roll if you don’t wanna take the revenge first. This will solve the issue.

This is another comment on the bug:


I have not been able to raid since yesterday evening. Gets error message ”opponents not found” and also when I delete that message it pops up instantly again so I have to close the game and re-enter.

It works again (with no answer to why it didn’t work earlier). And I lost some points there as well…

I have this too for the last few hours, and stopping the app and reopening does not fix it. Seems regional (im in australia) as nobody else in my alliamce has this issue.
Annoying as i have 6 raid flags and sitting 500exp away from levelling up. Level.up and lose 6 flags. Dont level up and i lose out on last minute atlantis farming including rhe 2 coins beeded for a summon…

I also got that same message, but was able to Raid, a little while later.

Instead of me giving a bunch of synopes’ about what I think the problem could be…
I suggest:
Contacting Empires & Puzzles Support, informing them about this matter.

The problem was not prolonged with me. I am able to Raid.

Good Luck and Hope you are back to Raiding Soon. Warm Smile.

I have now the same problem. Its an endless loop and the only way to get rid of the popup window telling me there are no oponents, is to shut down the game.

No opponents available to raid… What’s that all about?

See solution in Post #25.

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