[SOLVED] Says "No Opponent Available" (Found) when trying to Raid [Developer Response in Post #9]

When trying to raid it says no opponent found and won’t let me can we see about getting that fixed

Known issue


Could you please #contact-support so we can investigate this further? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Anyone else is having troubles with raiding? I’m stuck in one player revenge, says I can’t attack him and when i do reroll says i can’t find any opponent.


Im having same problem. Player has different app version, and reroll tells me no one is available

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Might want to mark this one as solution

Yup it’s broken


Got chests to fill and well we cant. Can’t revenge. Can’t reroll. Can’t raid.

I moved the posts here from the master thread regarding this specific issue (FYI @Rigs @BDaddy @komodro).

This issue should resolve itself when you restart the game (kill the app and launch it again). So restart the game, tap Raids and then Find Opponents.

If you are still experiencing this issue after restarting the game, please submit a new support request (#contact-support).


It’s fixed. Checkmark can stay lol.

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i am trying do hero raid and it always show NO OPPONENTS RIGHT NOW, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER!!
And also they are playing on a difference apps version, i try go Tower and do a revenge on total 5 to 6 opponents and all shows PLAYER ON DIFFERENCE apps.
i am currently on latest version as google play there is no UPDATES available!
Please help as i also restarted my Handphone thrice and still problem exist!

My problem is solved within 10 mins of posting here…

Thanks Again

This is a known issue:

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc merge?

Everyone keeps saying the problem is resolved if you closed the game completely and reopen it which I have done 5 times and still doesnt work…

Getting the same thing plus in tournament I only had 2 loses and I lost my first battle after the new update and it added an extra loss.

I’ll add my two cents here that I’m facing the same problem on android.

I’ve tried the obvious: restarting, rebooting. Haven’t tried nuking it from space and reinstalling, yet, though.

As requested, I’ll reach out to customer service somehow.

I spent maybe an hour trying things to get raids working, no good. So came here. Posted a message … and somehow the gremlins and fairies have fixed my game.

Having same issue. Have restarted the app and also rebooted phone multiple times.

Just fixed for me…

Still a big no opponents available for me.

Been trying since before the new tournament day started so over 3 hours now.

No opponnets found try again later