[SOLVED] S5 dense fog stages come without dense fog

as the title says, the new s5 stages with dense fog come without dense fog. the stages look normal, like other s5 stages. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Normal s5 stage

S5 stage with dense fog

S2 with dense fog

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Not every stage has this fog effect. 1st stage is with fog, 2nd without, 3rd with.
Your first picture shows 2nd stage that is without dense fog.

I know.

1st pic → Normal stage in s5
2nd pic → dense fog stage without dense fog. the effect is there as you can see the little marker on the left side, but where is the fog? This is at most some vapor, but that’s not dense fog.
3rd pic → dense fog stage in s2 with fog - you can see how the fog obscures the background and it surrounds the opponents. This is a cool fog effect and it is missing in the s5 stages.


Hm, I can see fog or vapor as you called it. I understand that you mean just a visual “bug”.

We’ll investigate this issue here. Thank you for reporting!


I love fog. It says “dense fog” and I want “dense fog”…

Please add more fog… :heart_eyes:

26.3 has real dense fog

I really love the fog stages by design. They are my absolute favorite. I’m a foggy girl :woman_in_steamy_room:

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This issue has been fixed in the new update (version 54) which we have now started to roll out. I’ll mark the topic as solved.

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