[SOLVED] S3 Finale Rewards Incorrect (Anyone who completed before the fix will receive the proper rewards in their Inbox, and new completions will get the correct rewards now)

It just doesn’t seem right to me. I do hope it’s a bug, which can be sorted out as soon as they can. :crossed_fingers:


This must be some kinda of a joke. No rewards at all? S3 compared to S2 is much harder. Rewards should be at least the same if not better. @Petri that’s a real shame guys…

lol, I am definitely bugged! hahaha


@Petri @KiraSG

Would it be possible to get a confirmation on this? Season 2 had ‘secret’ rewards for completion of both difficulty levels (ascension mats). Was the same planned for S3 and it just bugged (or is at the end of Hard mode?) or is lack of these extra rewards planned?


Ouch. This isn’t a good step toward improving the quality of life, which was announced in sneak peak 2021. Because of my terrible luck with asc mats drop rates, was really looking forward to some loot at the end of S3. :expressionless:


I really think this could be a bug.

I hope we get a quick confirmation it is. :crossed_fingers:


Can I say that I too have finished the 3S normal mode and received the same prizes now I wonder the difficult mode if alone the prizes we see are not worth finishing it?

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So it sucks you can’t play

I have never tagged SG members but here… seriously?!
@Petri, @KiraSG @Staff_SGG common guys? Please tell us that it’s a bug and there are consistent rewards such as 4*AM for finishing S3.

I was a so called whale. The last and future additions to the game decided me to stop spending.

If there is nothing more for completing S3, that will be too much. I’ll just change my notation of the game from 5* to 1* and uninstall the game.

Seriously, you guys just killed it. That’s a shame.


That is such a bad news
I was hoping to get a tome from the ending of S3 hard same as S2.
The greediness of SG is beyond everything.
Super disappointed and surprised.
This bloody game is going downhill in terms of greediness of SG :face_vomiting:

Disappointed about final gifts…


There is absolutely no need to spend money on this game. It’s completely optional.

Good, good, listening to common sense and reason is better late than never I guess.

Thanks for your posts, we are looking into this now. Will update as we know more.


considering the difficulty of s3, these rewards are very far under par indeed

I get that, although I haven’t even started season 3 yet. It should be like that. Thing is - isn’t it more fun to win S3 without spending any money at all? With just skill and a bit of luck?

Edit: Also, that way you probably won’t feel robbed because of lack of proper prizes.

I have found mostly frustration and little fun getting through S3, but map pve has lost my intrest anyway so might be a bit biassed. And you don’t need to spend money to get through any of the stages, just time

If I remember correctly you got the mats right as you finished season 2 regular. Or maybe you had to go to missions. I don’t think this is a bug, just planned. Which is too bad

You are right

S2 normal had 4* mats! I remember so well!

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