[SOLVED] S3 Finale Rewards Incorrect (Anyone who completed before the fix will receive the proper rewards in their Inbox, and new completions will get the correct rewards now)

It is even worse than that lol. Watch the video in the first post as I do not want to spoil it (though probably it’s already spoiled somewhere).

Got it! I don’t see any video in the first post though. Is it uploaded yet?

Sorry, it was actually in 12th!

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Thanks! I’ll watch it now.

Just to add, I completed normal, and I got all the correct rewards.
Thanks for the speedy response SG

A question, are all the rewards the same? i got this🧐

*edit, I think the other ones were for Hard Mode, or not?

Thank you for fixing the problem. Kiss, 19

Yes, they are all the same.
The other set is for hardmode indeed.
Congratz btw! :slight_smile:


Yeah what a joke and what they sent in the mail they think they solved the problem, thanks SG you have proven to be as stingy Screenshot_20210128-124203_Empires as ever before

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/5ULH393vpO8

Thank you muchly for the quick response and action to rectify the issue. Much appreciated. :two_hearts:

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You should have got at least 300 coins … but it really ■■■■■■ me off to know that there is no 4* mat as reward like s2 had!
Time to quit?
I think lack of 4* in s3 will be one of the main reasons I will stop playing this game… i hope it is a bug!

We’re hoping it’s bugged aye @SamMe. :wink:

When you compare these rewards to completing Atlantis, this loot falls very short. :rage:

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The rewards come from missions, when finishing 36:10.

Lets just hope it’s a bug!!! It’s way too bad to know that they have become “that much” greedy LOL

The Bug has been fixed guys. There are more rewards to it lol

I finished season 3 easily, I didn’t take the 4-star materials. will something be resolved about this?

Yes see this thread

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