[SOLVED] Russula Missing Description about "Hiding" effect

In beta there was an additional line in Russula’s skill which seems to have gone missing in Live Game.

The extra line read:

“While hidden, the caster can’t receive new status effects or stacks; all damage ceived is reduced by -30%.”

Is this intentional? IS there any effect of “hiding”?


Here’s a screenshot. Unleveled Russula.

We are looking into this now - I hope to update more soon. Thanks for reporting.


Hiding effect doesn’t work correctly!

Its was very bad becase i think she must be invisible for 2 turn like Morris…!!!

So if like this Damage must be reduced by 90 till 100%, not 30%…its deseaster… This hero looks like sh… t. Not like 4s heros…

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This is now fixed for Versions 37 & 38. Please note - it was only the text that was incorrect, the hero has always been working as intended.


Why the damage was fixed from 487 till 406?

Its seem to be rediculious!!!

The AoE dmg scales with Russulas Attack. So if you have buffed attack, the dmg stats increase. Just realized when lvling her, that the numbers of her skill increase with higher attack!

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