[SOLVED] Roc vs Ursena -> only partial reflection

Just attacked an team with a Roc on wing.

When he fired and my team had the reflection of Ursena active, all effects were blocked, but Roc only got the decrease in healing.

I would have expected him to get the sand damage as well, but that didn’t happen.

Is this intended and if so, why?

I am just going to guess this one as I don’t have either heroes. But here’s a possibility based on my experience with other heroes.

In case of hero specials, all the effects are applied in the order in which it is written on the card. So first he applied sand damage, which gets reflected back to his team. Then he applies -50% healing which also gets reflected back to his own team. Then he cleanses all his teammates. Since the healing debuff is undispellable it stays, but the sand damage is cleansed. :slight_smile:


Thx, that’s it…! Didn’t think about the order of effects.

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