[SOLVED] Replay button missing in 1.12

Hey, since i updated to 1.12 on iOS i am missing the „replay“ button after finishing a world stage.
Now i only see „next“ and be thrown to the map.
In the still active beta it is still there (just checked)



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I have been having this issue intermittently today. It was gone, came back, was gone again and is now back. I am not in beta, so just my main game.

Yup bring it back!

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Same here on android

Thanks for the report, we are aware of this issue and are currently investigating. My apologies for the inconvenience!


As a help till solved: for me the button came back as soon as I restarted the app.

We have now released an update for Android which should resolve this issue. Please update your game! iOS update is coming shortly.


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