[SOLVED] Reinstall game and I lost my account


Please can someone help me get my account back. I have emailed the Dev team the info they needed and that was hours ago. How come when you reinstall this game from the cloud my account isn’t with it. Does this mean I can never ever get a new phone? What’s the hell devs


Are you using IOS or Android. I’ve deleted my account before due to a rage quit, but decided to reinstall and it kept all my settings. I am using an IPhone on IOS.


iOS. I reinstalled it from my cloud and when I opened then game, I had a new account


Rhaegerz, we talked today in Global. May this help:


Hello Rhaegarz,

I’m sure the Devs will be able to help you, but you’ll have to be a bit patient. When you put up your post it was 10 or 11pm in Helsinki Finland. I’ll flag this with an @Petri and @RubiKinga so that they catch this post first thing! :relaxed:

Also, make sure that you have signed into either Game Centre for iOS, or Google Play for android. I believe that is how game progress is saved for this game.

Good Luck!


How do I sign into Game Center when I’m in the game?


My Game Center shows as an app on my phone. If it isn’t showing on your phone you might have to download that from the cloud or app store as well. With a google search I also learned that there is no Game Center app for iOS 10. You can still manage your account from Settings > Game Center. If you can’t find an app, then I’d definitely try this.
Let me know how it goes!

[RESOLVED] Game Unusable Since Update

Hi Rhaegarz,

Thank you for contacting us. This should now be fixed and your account recovered.


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