[SOLVED] Reduced loot on titans since 1st March issue

The current system before this change allowed mercs to get one loot every 20hrs, effectively limiting people to once a day. And Titan chest freezes for 12hrs every time you leave an alliance so that bit isn’t true either

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Then you are maybe an exception…I did not make just one bad experience. I faced many, many mercs joining my alliance and in no Invitation request, they said why they wanted to join my alliance…this stopped when Titan loot/box was nerfed.
Don’t get me wrong…if some players like to help others to kill their Titans it is ok for me as long they talk honestly about it or were called through recruiting channels but with my quite long experiance I just can say, that this was not the case in the past. Mercs just came, farm their loots and were gone with the wind…

The loot is reduced and you get no ascension mats from r any Titans killed after the first in 20 hours. So the loot you get on subsequent kills is like farming. Most mercs I know do it because they like meeting and helping new people

So what loot are you talking about? Titan chest or Titan kill loot?

OH BTW: happy cake day!

That is it what is now but when this was not the case in the past things were different with mercs…this I wanted to express in my first post.

This thread is about the change that happened at some point in the last 24 hrs that forces anyone that joined an alliance after the titan appeared to get “reduced loot” which cuts the loot tier in half and places other restrictions on what can be received.

I regret to inform you that you’re fully mistaken with this:
" Mercs had a big effort as those loots are way better than most of the others, hence their accounts getting huge much faster than of players staying in an alliance."
I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you have never Merc’d before or you would know that Merc’s deal with:

A: The loot is reduced to half the loot tier it would be if it’s been less than 20 hours since their last Titan was defeated
B: Even if the 20 hour timer had past, they then have the same odds as any other player to get “good” loot, aka ascension items
C: While in an alliance, there is a 23 hour timeframe between Titans, while if a full-time Merc hopped around and timed it perfectly, the best he/she could do is a Titan every 20 hours, which would amount to just over 1 Titan more defeated than a player staying in an alliance (7.3 per week vs 8.4 per week). This would only be possible under exact perfect timing, mind you.

And if you recruit a Merc by asking for help with a Titan, you can not complain about them joining your alliance. They wouldn’t even know what Titan you had to come to your alliance to start with unless you or someone in your alliance asked for a Merc to begin with. You control who joins your alliance, so you can only blame yourself for who comes and goes within it. smh

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I hop between 2 alliances with my big account to help and can live with reduced loot tiers and blocked Titan boxes…I just don’t care because I want to help and not the loot.
For me this is a honorary office where you don’t get anything back but gratefulness…
So a typical mercs now claim that they did not get their guerdon…

I really wish players/people would educate themselves on the mechanics and limits the game already has before commenting on topics concerning them. It would make things much easier to diiscuss…


I’m not in an alliance because I can’t commit to being able to get in the required titan and war hits, instead i get on when i can and will find an alliance to hit a titan why shouldn’t I be allowed to get a reward for playing the game in this way


I agree @Balmung. No one cares about what someone thought or felt concerning an issue that was addressed by SG 18 months ago or more. That’s not what this topic is about. This is a real glitch or issue that has occurred within the last 36+/- hours.
We don’t need rants about Merc’s in general in this discussion so please don’t post those comments here, @Sorcha. Thank you.

Edit: It was Version 1.12 update that it was addressed, May, 2018, so 10 months ago, not 18, sorry.

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I’ve changed alliance, in new alliance killed the titan and received reduced loot. Previous titan was killed more than 30 hours ago. What’s wrong with my loot? A lot of people have same problem. 255433298_332701


Many players are having the same problem - and it doesn’t matter how many hours passed from the last killed titan.

@zephyr1 @Rook other threads with this subject, merge?

Please be patient. Petri said they are looking into the issue. It appears to be a glitch. There is no reason to jump to conclusions or point fingers


There was a bug where players would get the extra loot (including Bonus Chance for the Ascension Item, Emblems and Atlantis Coins) when joining the Alliance after Rare Titan spawned. This was not intended behavior, as defined in the 1.12 release notes:

The bonus chance is only available for players who are already part of the alliance when the Rare Titan appears)

Unfortunately, there seems to have been an issue with this fix we implemented yesterday which resulted in inconsistencies in received Titan Loot for those who joined the Alliance after the Titan spawned. We believe we have now fixed this issue. Receiving Titan Bonus Loot should now only be possible for those who were present when Rare Titan spawned. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this!


But does this mean that generally you always get reduced loot on rare titans as a merc and not normal loot without goodies. That will be a bummer for many small alliances that are confronted with their first rare 5* because there won‘t be much help.

I’m not in an alliance. I merc at alliances that request for help on their titans. that’s the way I play. Some players donate flags. That’s their choice. I try to help out to help the alliance but also with the hope that I get something decent. If this “fix” causes me to lose opportunities to advance in this game, then I’m just wasting my time playing this game.


The OP question was answered. If you want to search for a similar topic (so as not to duplicate) or just forge ahead with a new topic to ask the question, that’s fine.

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