[SOLVED] Reduced loot on titans since 1st March issue

Hello all.
There used to be a rule for players who travel between alliances to help kill titans (so called ‘mercs’) that a player can’t get full value titan loot if less than 20 hours passed since previous titan kill in another alliance with full reward.

That made certain sense as limiting possdibility to exploit ‘mercing’ to get loot in faster rates compared to players settled in one alliance, but still allowing ‘merc’ playstyle.

Starting 28th Feb / 1st March, something got broken. I joined an alliance with active fresh titan and helped to kill it (my first titan over 1,5 days since previous titan kill!), but got reduced loot. No change was announced in any release notes, so I assume it us a bug. Can you please look at it and fix.


Same issue. It’s so annoying and really unfair. SG please fix it as soon asc possible.


Hi . I had a question about killed rare titan’s loot . other players are interested in that issue too. For killing a titan in a foreign alliance, I got reduced loot. the previous titan was killed 24 hours before. Is this a bug in the game or new rules? thanks in advance for your reply

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Are we now supposed to be tied to one alliance because we cannot receieve normal loot from titan anymore if we quit ? It’s just like to be in jail.

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This patch is good and should have been done long ago, after the appearance of rare titans, as it actually announced. All the players have to have equal chances, not only stu…d “rare titans hunters”. They are or were collecting bonuses and emblems from rares EVERY day and even have had the choice, which rare titan they need today. That was really, really unfair, and not that, what Kassiny means.
SG, please don’t fix it.


Really, really unfair was silently nerfing titan and (rare) chest loot step by step to stance of really nonprofitable!

And spending more time for more profit (loot hunting) became a necessity if you want to stay in line.
We are top alliance, and all of us hunting rare titans between wars, because our 12* regular titans only wasting our resources giving almost nothing in exchange (0 rare 4* items for 3 months of 12* killing for me).

That way soon there will be only 2 buttons in the game:
“Pay and win” and “Keep сlicking this button for nothing”

And still changes like this must be announced. Changing something in this way is disrespect for the players and the time they spend on this project.


And you chose to be in an alliance, if you though mercing was better you could have done it.
Just remember that there are always more players getting loot in those alliance than the number of mercs that were getting any benefit from the titans

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I feel your pain, but it’s worth flagging that this change is neither silent nor a nerf. Its introduction has been discussed extensively in the forum, and it is a bug fix. Here are the release notes from when rare Titans were introduced:

“1.12 Release Notes

Status (May 9): We have now started rolling out the update for Android and iOS.

  • Rare Titans added:
    • 5 star and beyond Titans will be occasionally replaced with Rare Titans
    • Rare Titans have unique special attacks as well as an Elemental Barrier
    • Rare Titans have a bonus chance for dropping a specific 4-star ascension material. The bonus chance is affected by how many stars the Rare Titan has.
    • The bonus chance is only available for players who are already part of the alliance when the Rare Titan appears.

(Emphasis added.)

So the rare Titan bonus material was never intended to be available to mercs, that it was available was a bug, and that bug has now been fixed.


thats not the change that’s been implemented though, you now are getting reduced loot for any titan rare or not that you merc for

Many people like to hunt titans, and they don’t want to be an alliance member. It is their choice. Devs just should give emblems for common titans. This will fix unfair emblem distribution .


You are absolutely wrong because there is Loot tier nerfed and tokens nerfed. Not only bonus chance. And there is no patchnotes about that.


That might be a new change. Have you checked this version’s release notes? Want to screenshot some Titan loot with details so we can ponder?

The topic is not only about rare titans. Now if you leave alliance and kill titan (rare or common doesn’t matter) in another alliance, you cannot receive normal loot anymore (not talking about bonus round of mats). I know about people who entered in alliance after a week without any titans (they were just without alliance whole time) and they cannot receive normal titan loot.


It was definitely not declared in any release notes 19.1 or earlier, I’ll start collecting screenshots now


I read all release notes and it was not in any.
As pointed above, the issue is not just about rare titans, it is all titans, you get reduced loot on titan kill if you joined alliance and helped kill a titan (reduced loot is basically equivalent of escaped titan loot instead of normsl loot)

Way to be transparent and upfront like you claimed you’d be SG, thanks so much. Spent my last dollar on this game.

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Based on the comments people are posting, it sounds like there has been an undeclared nerf targeting mercs.

For this to be discussed seriously, some detail and context will be needed. Anyone want to post some screenshots and break down how they think loot has been reduced?

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You can see screenshot in another topic thread “Reduced titan loot” in bugs.

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In which case, we should politely request that @Kerridoc or @Rook or @zephyr1 merges the threads. We don’t want an infestation.

Why? Because you refuse to leave your alliance? We should all play by your idea of how the game is supposed to be played? Sorry, I’m sure you’re probably a smart person but that was a pretty narrow minded comment.

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