[SOLVED] Red Hood: Resist Mana Skill Temporarily Removed (Fables of Grimforest)

EDIT: This has been fixed in 1.13 and Red Hood’s Fox minions resist mana drain again. 1.13 Release Notes & Status

We have temporarily removed Red Hood’s resist mana drain skill from Fox minions due to a bug. The skill will be added back after the event in the next update (1.13). Our apologies for the inconvenience!


2 other things… wu dropped way down on special odds working. Around 80% miss. Also new bug with gravemaker… if his special is burning a target and you hit with another fire like Marge. Target loses graves numbers and marj overwrites his attack.


That’s not a bug; all effects work that way. The last-cast effect overwrites prior casts, even if its weaker. For example, Kiril’s weak attack buff overwrites Ares’s stronger one. Colen overwrites Azlar. Rumpelstiltskin overwrites Sartana, just be careful about who you bring and where they aim.


Wu is not broken either. I bet if you record your videos with Wu and actually count, you’ll see that there’s no problem.

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one caveat - effects that are undispellable like Natalya won’t be overwritten.


I updated my game this morning and it has more bugs than the previous version. When i try to summon the game loses communication and relaods then downloads something and then goes in again this happened to me 3 times and i lost a epic hero token and epic troop token this way. When i get back in the game i dont have the token anymore and i didnt reveive any new hero or troop. While raiding the game just froze halfway through an attack and i had to close the game and go back in and also some of the cards characters image is blury…

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Since newest update I cant purchase gems

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Hey who do I talk to I spent 10 bucks and never got my gems

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Will the mana resist part of red hoods special be levelled properly if I start levelling her now… Before you update to fix the bug?

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Ok this is the first time ive even had a complaint about this game but i finally broke down and spent money on this game to beat this event challenge. I spent over 500 gems on the final battle with the 3 bosses just trying to revive my heroes because i kept throwing everything i had a riding hood and it was working til it got to about a 1/3 of the way then i noticed that it wasn’t even effecting at all. I took screen shots although i dont know how much use they’ll be. Now i like this game alot but i believe some sort of reimbursement or something is in order I’m highly disappointed in my game at this point.

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Hi there, have the same topic with her. I tried to kill her 4 Times now, but the effect is still the same. She looses Most of her live, by throwing up what i can. Rumpel and Wolf die after they are hit by some stones, but she starts healing herself and this way to fast. If she throws out her mana then she gets back immidiatly some mana even when i do nothing. Then she gets Hits by a view stones and her mana is full. Way to fast because she is nötig a fast mana recovery hero. But Even Wolf who should be very slow with mana is very fast full. However, i cannot take her down. Not if i play directly on her or if I try to avoid her and kill her with the specials that my heroes have. After 20 min trying, she has killed them all. And yes a friend has won this battle by using the Merlin effect but i don’t have this hero so how will I kill her?

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Petri, how does this help us in any way. My battle with red hood just lasted way more than 1 hour in legendary, yet she never faltered, so I just gave up. The fox that she produces can’t be killed with less than 2 supercharged heroes. I would hit with level 70 Caedmon and level 60 Richard, back to back, and both had additional 45% attack, yet it took both of them just to kill 1 fox, which is suppose to be only 248 power. So, this means that we can’t complete this event because of one flawed character!

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If the foxes can’t die, how are we suppose to kill the main character that produces them every 3 turns?

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Um…that is your problem (or one of them). Your heroes aren’t strong enough. Level 60 Richard? For Legendary? Not happening.

Lord knows there are many things to legitimately complain to the devs about, this certainly isn’t one of them. The Legendary stage (and definitely the last few levels) is meant to be a challenge for advanced players. I am level 47 and team power over 4000 with many maxed 5*s and I find it a challenging thing to finish.

When I first started playing and developing, I too couldn’t finish the advanced stages of events…that is normal. Get stronger, more skilled in game play and experienced and you will eventually be able to complete the event.

Nothing to see here.


Several players posted their winning teams elsewhere:

  • Vivica, Caedmon, Sartana, Athena, Kiril
  • Delilah, Aeron, Perseus, Jackal, WuKong
  • (not certain of order): Joon, Melendor, Marjana, Zeline, Magni

This tells me at the very least, each person used a minimum of 3 leveled 5*. Based on what I’ve seen, I doubt I have a team to beat advanced, so I will finish Intermediate. I’m free to try Advanced, but it doesn’t guarantee me a victory.

P.S. One of my alliance said his secret to a fast Advanced victory was using Cabin Boy Peters to silence the bosses before they could use their specials.

Best of luck to you!


Recipe for a victory: 2-3 healers + wu kong + boril/cyprian + some luck in tiles, no need for 5*


very upset I played the game for 73 minutes and then I did not win anyting I have to repeat the whole game again use all my battle items wish I won’t get back. She never die the game kick me out because of the length of time so I have to repeat the same level now I have no idea if I get it I going to get any loot even if I finish that game

@Ortega you are my hero. I completed with this thanks to your tip. I recorded it and can post as soon as I work out how !

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