[SOLVED] Ranvir and Season Two Poison Mist (v22) - Solved (v22.1)

Shouldn’t Ranvir he immune to the poison mist found in special season two stages? He’s not currently and the icon for the poison mist is the exact icon used for Ranvir’s immunity.


I guess he should. Could you report this to SGG tech support?


Done. Thank you for the reply.

Thanks for letting us know! I just asked our game tester to take a look at this and it is indeed not working as intended. It is a known issue now and will be fixed in the future.


Great, thank you, KiraSG! That was a fast reply from Small Giant to this issue and the players appreciate your swift action.


This should be fixed in the next update (version 23).


Has anyone else noticed this. I read the bug was fixed but not for me. Am I mistaken that he should be immune on these stages?

If it is a bug I will accept a compass as compensation.

How about a minor mana pot?

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Btw, a simple search would have told you that petri mentioned it would be fixed in v23 11 days ago.

@KLinMayhem strong rope would be the least I’ll accept. I did a scan of the bugs & issues but didn’t search - my apologies. Thanks for the quick correction and informative reply :blush:


Lol no biggie…


@Petri do you know when version 23 with be released to fix Ranvir? I’ve also noticed he doesn’t work according to his description

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Hi @Aphrodite1,
Ranvir and poison mist bug has been fixed in release 22.1:

Please note new version is begging rolled out gradually and may be not yet available for everyone.

Could you please elaborate?


I’ve just recently updated my game but haven’t played with Ranvir again afterwards. That said, I was referring to using him in Atlantis in the “poison Mist” stages & never once saw his special fire up to resist. I will have to go back & see if I notice any difference. Thank you for your quick response & ummm sorry for my slow one :joy:
Happy gaming :blush:


@grzechol I have gone back & saw where Ranvir does in fact work now!! Yay :dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::joy: Happy gaming & a blessed Sunday to all! :blush:


Hello … i lost my game progress doing update … what can I do to take back … game wasn’t connected to play games only at Facebook … please help me

Hi @Amgja, welcome to the Forum!

There are instructions for contacting Support about lost accounts on this website:

As all of us on the Forum are just fellow players, unfortunately none of us can help with account issues.

But if you follow those instructions and contact Support directly, they should be able to help you.

Here’s how to contact Support through the game: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

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