[SOLVED] Ranvir and Heimdall special interaction

So I was farming and noticed that some tiles missed even though my current HP was more than the targets HP. This has to do with the interaction with Ranvir’s special giving me a chance to miss if HP is less than target HP and Heimdall’s special giving me boosted HP going over my max HP. You can see that the missed target has HP greater than max hp of the hero the tiles came from but less than the boosted HP.

Is this how the interaction is meant to happen?

Added link to video: Ranvir special causes miss with boosted HP - YouTube


Thank you for the report! We were able to reproduce this issue here and it will be fixed in the next update (version 29). I’ll mark this as a known issue.


This has been fixed in the new update (version 29). Marking this as solved!

Miki and Ranvir’s Special skills’ status effects now take into account that the hero can have boosted HP over their max HP.


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