[SOLVED] Ranger talent bypass Dr. Moreau's passive if there is a defensive buff active

My Dr. Moreau have +25%Defense buff from Paladin talent. Lianna enemy fire her skill on my Dr. Moreau and bypass the +25%Defense buff and also bypass Dr. Moreau’s passive that reduce damage from 3 first skill by 20%.

the paladin talent is a buff when active.

the passive part, not sure if that should have been bypassed or not.

paladin one makes sense though


Yes, the paladin talent’s buff active. That is why enemy’s ranger talent active. It is normal that ranger talent bypass paladin talent’s buff but it should not bypass Dr. Moreau’s passive because the passive is not buff.

@Dudeious.Maximus Could you send this to mod chat ? There is no answer about this bug for almost 3 week.

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Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here!


Lianna hits hard. Even with the passive from Moreau, she will hit 800-1000 depending on stats. He was gone even if you had a defense buff on him.

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I know but from the picture the passive activation is still 3 lefts. That mean it isn’t active. I know Lianna hit hard. Even with 980 def she still do 1000 damage. But if passive is active, there is no heroes can do 1000+ on Dr. Moreau if Dr. Moreau don’t have any ailment.

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This issue was fixed in version 44:

“Fixed an issue where Dr. Moreau’s passive didn’t get activated, if he had an active defensive buff which was bypassed by an enemy’s special skill”

I’ll mark the topic as solved.