[SOLVED] Raided while actively playing game bug


And again. Not that is a problem for me. I am just posting for devs.


This complaint isn’t a new issue. It happens all the time. Mainly if you reach the top 100. Immediately, you loose cups without logging out. I filed a complaint, but the answer wasn’t satisfactory. Later, there was a notice that they fixed the problem. I believed that the developers recognized the existence of a glitch. Now, I don’t have any expectations. It’s normal to get attacks when logged. We need to face it. That’s it!


Once you’re in the top 100 you’re free game for revenge attacks, whether online or not. That’s because some people were using 3rd party apps or emulators to maintain their online status so they couldn’t be raided.


So this has happened on more than one occasion. I will be filling up my raid chest and while I’m still playing I will get raided. I have video proof but can’t post it on this website. From the point where I started filling my chest to the point after completing the required amount of heroes for the chest I never left the game… so explain to me how people are able to raid me while I’m still in the game…


It’s solved: get raided whilst playing is part of the game. It happens to me all the time.


Has this happened to anyone. Get raided 2 times by the same person without getting your revenge the first time??

Raided twice by INFINITY…


I just lost 52 trophies to a revenge raid from an opponent that I had just beaten. I got to top 5 and while I was chatting with my alliance I got a notification that I lost a revenge from a player I had beaten. I did not log out or become inactive. I usually wouldn’t mind but how will this effect the new raid system?

I searched for this topic and it said there was nothing found but won’t let me use this title because it already exists…wtheck is going on with E&P?!

After searching again, I found the answer. Apparently, unknown to me, the top 100 can be raided while online.


When you are in the top 100 you can be revenged even if you are online.

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I just had an interesting experience: I just won 54 cups against a top 5 player, but had to wait until he/she went offline. I also expected that I would be able to raid. I even restarted the game to make sure that I have the latest ranking numbers. I think the caching can play tricks on you.


If they are online and in the top 100 you can’t attack them, only revenge