[SOLVED] Raided while actively playing game bug



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Should be resolved now according to SGG. Thanks!

I haven’t been able to revenge anyone with “Now” as their status lately. :smiley:


Yes, this is fixed now, including the issue related to the global leaderboard which was mentioned earlier on this topic!


Thats good to know. Ty :slight_smile:


Absolutely good to know…I was a little irritated busy with my foe’s in war and find myself raided. Glad it’s fixed


Happened just now

Was able to raid him after he went offline.



I am playing the map and raids myself and I get revenged or raided. How can this happen? I am not that high and also playing for about 45 mins. Also it is happening to other people in my alliance. I don’t understand because I can’t do it if they are on. Please help me and others. Be fair play fair


Usually happens when you go offline and come back… Some users camp hitting revenge till u ether glitch and go offline or just go offline for a brief moment… once the revenge starts you can come online and the battle will continue.

Quite common.


Been an issue for awhile


Sorry never went off line I just kept on fighting. Was working on my chests leveling and killing. It happened when I was playing. Not saying you are wrong because I know that happened. just saying that I was playing and it happened


And it was been hacked or cheated.


@Rigs is right, it’s been a known glitch for a while now. It is rare though, so unless you have it happen multiple times within a short period, say 10-15 minutes, I would just take it for what it is, a glitch. No, it isn’t great when it happens, but it’s not the end of the world, either. :grinning:


Are you top 100 ? You can get revenged while online if you are in the top 100. Because of peoples that keeps staying online all days.


This happen when your Raider/Revenger is opening you and setting a team while you are on the login screen loading.
Then he press fight just when you are reciving your main base screen.
If he/she hits you fast and kill it will gives you just now. If he/she is slow thinking which tiles to use it will gives you 7 minutes or even 10 minutes …
Time is based on when the fight started not when the fight finished.
Based on my own noticing to this issue.


In addition to what @Jedon wrote, if they set the raid up slowly and then the raid takes a long time, it could easily end by the time you’re in the map screen. There are several screens, one specifically is the map screen, where raid notifications don’t appear. You get the notifications only after you’ve returned to the main base screen. This makes it appear as though a raid just happened although it could have ended shortly after you logged online.


7-10 minutes to think on tiles. Thats 2-3 raids done for me.

Well I don’t think much in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lately I have been raided while being actively online what gives that is not supposed to happen at all and it is happening more and more


You were not.

The notif just has a delay.


I think this will help:


Three in a row while online. A few minutes in between.