[SOLVED] Raided while actively playing game bug



SGG is looking into it


I think you are talking revenge raids. And that is limited to 3 attempts if so.


I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I’m not talking about revenge raids but when you get pulled as the opponent in outpost raids.


Oh, thanks @KLinMayhem


Doesn’t work for me. Now I have 2583, opponent 2743 and I am unable to Revenge. It is saying “You cannot attack … right now because they are online. Reroll?”.


Rook, in this case, online is the name of his alliance. He had been inactive for 2 hours before you attacked.


oh that’s just downright sneaky. Good catch!


On the picture, it clearly shows that it is a normal raid, not a revange. So, Sam is probably right then.


I was farming in season one for ten minutes well after I raided and got raided. I would like to know what has changed cause it’s only been a week since this started. What is being done?


This has been going on for a while now and I am getting so sick of it! I will be hitting the Titans, farming, doing the quests and I get a message that I have been raided! I was ONLINE! How can I get raided? I can’t revenge until they are offline, so come on guys explain to me the freaking difference! What is your explanation? FIX THIS ISSUE! I am not the only one it is happening to. Vent over.


If you’re in the top 100, you’re able to be raided. Not sure if that’s it but could be.


The reason is the player(s) was / were already fighting you at the time you logged in :))


Maybe. But there is a whole thread of people who are showing that they can both raid online players (not in top 100…and I believe that is revenge only) and have been raided after being on for a long time.

And since it has happened to me twice where it clearly wasn’t a battle that was in progress before I logged on (I had been playing too long, and had multiple visits to the Keep during that time for the message to some up), I do believe their is an issue.


I don’t know why this is such a big deal. People are going to raid you. Online/offline/onthejohn whats the difference?

So many complain about the smallest things.

Now if you got revenged by the same person you were currently in a raid with. That would be some crazy stuff.

  1. Its called a bug, since it isn’t described behavior
  2. If you are making a run for gold/platinum/diamond/top 10 - a raid can mess that up by taking cups away.


I understand both of those and yes it is.

People just need to bring it up and not get all irate.

These things happen, nothing is perfect and it will never be perfect.

This is going from a gaming forum to a complaint forum pretty quickly.


Well…this is the bugs and issue category…but yeah


People taking themselves wayyy to serious.


I’m not in the top 100. I get in the game for a half hour or more at a time. I just want to know what the definition of online is. I have not been able to revenge on a couple of opponents that haven’t been on for 3 days now and the game tells me they are online.
You have to understand I’m getting raided after I have been in the game 20 minutes or more. I get pop ups. I actually like to be able to revenge on being raided. However, I can’t revenge when my opponents haven’t been on for days, yet they can revenge on me while I am in the game.


At approximately 06:00AM CST (GMT-6) I opened the app and did a successful Raid on (--)LuT(([o]))TeR(--)

Then I played a level of Santa’s Challenge.

When I got done with the Challenge level I got a noticed that I’d been “Enemy’s Revenge” Raided by (--)LuT(([o]))TeR(--) and lost a bunch of iron and food.

I had intentionally not collected the iron and food because I don’t do that until I’m about to close the app… as no one is supposed to be able to Raid you while you’re online.

So it looks like there may be a bug that allows you to be Raided while doing the Challenge…?

Game Name: DGERic