[SOLVED] Raided while actively playing game bug



Requested update in my support case I have open.


Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate this here.

Raids while i am online

How is there a gap of 147 cups between global 99 & 100?!


How long could that raid have been? I was in an event fight against Mother North and minions that definitely lasted more than 10 minutes. The b…ch just kept mixing her porridge ( I lost, by the way). And I was online for a while before that. When it was over I got the enemy raid notice . Went to the the watch tower, the raid happened 2 minutes before… I only have one healer on my defense team, no reason for a raid to go on for a very long time. I definitely think I was online when the raid started…


This is an impossible thing, top 100 under 2600 cups… With my best score of 2600 + I was ranked around 6200 global. That must be some local ranking, not global. By the way, if you intended it like a joke, it’s a good one… Active online is the name of his alliance, you do know that, don’t you?


Interesting that his profile says offline for 2hrs and the victory screen says on-line active.


Hi all

I am getting raided while i am busy raiding people?

Do you have the same problem?

Please se my screenshots below


Yes! It happened to me also. I posted somewhere…


As far as i know i can only attack a enemy twice this persone lost 4 times and won the 5th…?


I can confirm this bug too. It happens about 4 times a week.


It happens to me all the time. I guess it’s just between those seconds when I go to check any message on Line and return quickly. It seems that nobody attacked, but less than one minute later I start to receive the warnings about attack.


Actually, i was full of energy and just played on the map, autoplay. So, i didnt go out. I was in Game. When i came back from map, i received 26 Trophee from raid. Anyway, ITS not normal to get raided while online.


Exactly same for me. Just was autoplay farming 9-1 about 7 times when after the last round I got a message I was attacked. Normally I would suspect a blip when I check the emails, but in this case it was purely during farming.


I can say this has happened to me once, I was online, just finished an attack at AW and was on chat with a member of the alliance and suddenly a message popped up that enemy attacked.
Very strange, I am not even close to the top 400k, talk less of top 100, I sought way to report this to support but couldn’t get through.


A mi aparte de lo que comentas aquí, que me acaba de dar muchísima rabia pues estaba en esos momentos estaba en línea realizando una revancha lo que me ocurre también es que cuando quiero devolver el ataque me dice que is una versión docente del juego y no me lo permite… Y digo yo… Si yo no puedo atacar como es posible que me ataquen a mi? Volviendo al tema del principio, a mi es la prometa vez que me ocurre pero veo a a vosotros os ha ocurrido más veces, han dado alguna solución?


Sorry, folks. I’ve changed my opinion. It is happening whilst on Line, for sure. A player revenged while I was logged on for 15 minutes (The opponent got 55 trophies).
Here another hot stuff: I got surprised, yesterday, by the time I was chatting, because the system logged me out with a message that I was inactive. Of course, I lost the text that was under typing. This fact heads me to think that due to the number of players, the system drop some players, in order to have others on line. Somehow, we cannot perceived the procedure, because we may dealing with the base, but if we just go to the chat room, it’s possible that we are going to get shut down.
Therefore, the system can offer your team for the attackers.
I’ve written to SG, but they wanted to discredit me without any technical information. It’s a pity that they cannot detect that the problem exists.


Being raided while im on the game since tje last update with all 3 of my accounts this is making the game very irritating


There is a whole other thread on this…if you do a search before posting you can prevent duplicate threads.

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You were probably chosen as the opponent for an outpost. You can attack unlimited times until you win in those.


This is definitely a bug. It happens all the time now even if I’ve been on a long time while NOT farming or something like that. So it’s not somebody finishing a battle against me.