[SOLVED] Raided while actively playing game bug



How long have you been on?


Was able to revenge him while he was online too.

Plus his global rank changed too! Wth


Nice capture. based on what I’ve seen something isn’t right. Could be as simple as timing issues across servers I guess.


Another one just now



I noticed this happened as well a few times.


Ok I’ve heard a rumor revenging was changed to allow online revenges if the opponent is now over 2600 cups.



I never heard that…but doing a search for 2600 in the news category would find it in the release notes if so.


That’s what I thought too.

Was able to revenge another player with active status of now a moment ago.


@Petri - has something changed in the raid system to allow people who aren’t in the top 100 to be raided while on-line?

I don’t think this thread should be marked as having a solution, to me this looks like an on-going and real issue…



I opened a support case last night which was already marked solved and it is not. I attached all 4 instances of myself revenging others while their active status said “NOW” and they were not in the top 100 to the support case just now.


Just had it happen here too. Prior to raiding I was in the Santa challenge for a bit too…


I’ve had the same issue with both my teams all day long 1 team is 2000 cups and the other is 2500 i thought there was hero cap to 2600 i guess not


Does look like there has been a change. After using up some of my raid flags I collected some resources from the Stronghold, went to the hero screen to feed some heroes and change one of my teams and when I came out of the hero roster screen saw I had already been revenged by someone I had hit a few minutes before. I’m nowhere near Diamond league let alone top 100 but here is screenshot showing time difference between original hit and revenge during which I was in game for all of it.


Yes, a few people on PS complained about it last night. Many people in PS had experienced it.

@Rook @Kerridoc. This seems to be a real issue and not solved by the original answer. Is it possible to have this not marked as solved, or does a new thread need to be created?


Thanks, @General_Confusion, I have “unsolved” it. Perhaps @sara can add it to the do-list for debugging.


At approximately 06:00AM CST (GMT-6) I opened the app and did a successful Raid on (--)LuT(([o]))TeR(--)

Then I played a level of Santa’s Challenge.

When I got done with the Challenge level I got a noticed that I’d been “Enemy’s Revenge” Raided by (--)LuT(([o]))TeR(--) and lost a bunch of iron and food.

I had intentionally not collected the iron and food because I don’t do that until I’m about to close the app… as no one is supposed to be able to Raid you while you’re online.

So it looks like there may be a bug that allows you to be Raided while doing the Challenge…?

Game Name: DGERic


Added your post to the bug list.


I just revenged this guy (online):

I don’t think he’s top 100… his cups are 2200+, and #100 is at least 2500 cups. @Petri, can you please take a look at this?


Since the new version that happenes to me too. A lot.

Also after a long challenge fight when i try to go back to castle background, the background stayes black for at least 5 seconds…