[SOLVED] Raid Tournament Leaderboard [31st Raid Tournament Week of Nov 17]

So… you start the tournament with no emblem 3* team, because you use them for 5* only.

Now you are paired against other un-emblemed defenses at the start, you collect less points for your victory than someone who fights 100 emblem team at start, and also wins.

With each victory your points increase as your opponents increase in difficulty. Until you fight 100 emblems and top out.

Which in this tourney is around 520:

Someone with no emblems, earning less points in the beginning should NOT BE AHEAD of someone with emblems who HAS ALSO NOT BEEN DEFEATED YET!!

Not to meantion… 520 x 10 = 5,200 + potential 900 bonus points after first day = 6,100 points at top end if you have fought 100 emblems from the start and not lost yet.


Sorry but… there is something wrong happening…


are you accounting for daily defense bonus of 200-900 pts at the end of each day depending on how defense is doing?

Well, since I’m not associated with SGG complaining to me really doesn’t help you at all.

I don’t mean complain. I was merely replying to your dismissal.

I think you’re a lovely human being otherwise.

Also, I am sure we don’t know how the scoring works.

I beat a team with 99 emblems and got 509. I beat a team with only 80 emblems and got 504. 19 emblems are only worth 5 points, but one more is worth 11?

I believe I described the general function of the scoring accurately.

I have fought 100 emblems past 7 matches. 520 is my peak. With non emblem teams I start low and work my way up.

Everyone else is also experiencing this. The scores are incorrect


Thank you! No I didn’t. 5,200x10+900 = 6,100

Only 1 day bonus thus far

That is… if your 1st match is against 100
Emblems! And you haven’t lost!

Non emblems should not exceed this amount

I’ll edit, awesome catch! Thanks again

We do know how scoring works. Read this guide. https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/raid-tournament-scoring-guide/

I agree, somewhere around 6100 should be the max score after day 1 based on what we know of how scoring works. Currently the top 100 ranges from 7594 to 6209. We have seen the out of whack scores before, but it seems to be far more widespread this tourney.

@zephyr1 Did SG staff ever respond to you or acknowledge they are aware of this issue?

@Petri can you please comment on this tourney scoring issue?

I don’t think I got a response the last time, but the Leaderboard seemed to be adjusted after that.

There seem to be issues with the scores somewhat regularly, but then they seem to get adjusted each time.

I’ve let them know about this thread.

I’ve split this off to a new thread, because it was confusing to be having this discussion in a thread titled “28th Raid Tournament Week of Oct 28” when it’s about the 31st Raid Tournament now.

Yeah. I’m really sorry about that,

This was first applicable one I saw and then…

Yeah. I’m a noob

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I appreciate you trying to avoid creating a duplicate thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok. I was going to delete here when I found the right one. Somehow, this one got placed above the current raid thread.

It duped me

Won’t happen again
Maybe :rofl:

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Thank you for the reports! We’ll investigate this here.


For the record I was not dismissing the scores. I was dismissing the “Hey why does a lower-level player have a higher score than me” attitude.


  1. If you have any amount of emblems on your defense team, the more emblems the higher value your first, and consecutive matches will be! So then…

  2. You start the tournament earning more points than player with no emblem!

  3. If you are ALSO undefeated…

Then you would have the same attitude :wink:
And you would be correct to wonder how that would be possible when it is not…

Tournaments do not score like regular raids. Mostly due to the starting point.

We’re looking at emblems more than level. Emblems = team value
And those who have been fighting 100 emblem teams the last 3 days, and haven’t lost yet, are scratching our heads

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Also my original comment referenced a completely different tournament week. The attitude that irked me at the time was the tone of “a lower level player should not be allowed to score higher” with no reference to possible scoring ambiguities at all.

I had not said anything about this week until you tagged me. Then I pointed out that emblems do not seem to have as big an effect on the points I got than you seem to think they should. And that leads me to think that no, we really don’t know how the scoring works. We have guesses. But hey, you obviously know better so …

Regular raids do not score at all. You gain or lose cups.

Has anyone out there received way more than 520 points, from a match? It would be good to start tracking this thing down!

My last 7 attacks were 518, 522, 519, 517, 517, 516, 518, all won.
522 is my max, I don’t think 530 is possible, or even 525.

Apologies for the lack of reply here, the issue with the leaderboard was fixed yesterday!

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