[SOLVED] Raid Tournament Battles Not Registering / Counting as Loss (May 17, 2021) Update: Tournament Rescheduled - Please Rejoin!

I was going to share the results of the current tournament and I was really happy because I had won the five battles. However, I got really surprised that my score was really low and then I realised I got a big zero against a rival who doesn’t have an enemy team established.

It’s as if I had fought against a “ghost”. :man_shrugging:t4::triumph:

Btw, I didn’t have any problem with connection along the battles.


I also got a loss but I won the battle and now I can’t figure out out how to get the my win recorded and my loss reversed in tournament. How do I register a complaint?

Same issue.
I won first battle against user without defense team. And had 0.

Thank you for the report and my apologies for the problem! We are currently investigating this issue here and hope to get it resolved as soon as possible.


@Petri Same problem here and can’t login anymore. Won the first battle and during the search for the next it seemed like there was no connection anymore.
Logged out, in, with wifi, 4G, restarted phone etc… etc.
I’m logged in at Gamecenter but the game is not on

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Oh, good to know I was not the only one… Also won my 1st and was really disappointed to see I scored 0.

Same problem here after First game

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Am I the only one who can’t get in to the game anymore?

I finished my remaining battles… :man_shrugging:t2:
This happened on the 1st.

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Those with “empty” raid defense, do they still remain empty after you reboot the game? (Sorry, my experience is a lot different than yours since my very first raid hit where I was winning got frozen.)

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Wow, this is what I have now:

Looks like serious bug. :expressionless:


Same here looks like I’ve been removed from tourney after 4 flags. Hopefully they either fix or are cancelling, as it shows last tourney I assume it’s been cancelled

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Same here, as Wimster8 reported.
Can’t log in anymore.
Won 1st battle, but i can’t Tell, if it’s recorded.
Allready reinstalled the game, but that didn’t help either

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Maybe the servers are more than full since there is an existing mythic titan event. And I thought that a lot of players are already leaving…


Yep. I am also removed from the current raid tourney (may be only to those who used all raid tourney flags who experienced some kind of bug or glitch). I think it is going to be cancelled, or fixed before the 2nd day of the raid tourney begins.

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So, yesterday I registered for the tournament and set up my team. Today it tells me I’m not registered. Also the rule set changed. Yesterday the rule was “status bonus gives attack bonus”, today it is “bloody battle”.
What’s wrong here?

I have the same issue. I even checked my opponent in the morning. Now I see the previous tournament.

There is a master thread. It looks like tourney is now cancelled

I have video of me winning my first 3 fights and now it booted me with this message that I needed to join during the preparation phase?! @Petri


Me too after using my flags

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same here, before fifth attack

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