[SOLVED] Raid shield with no cup limit?

But he has 3100 cups?! I don’t think going from under 2600 to 3100+ is feasible in a split moment.

Its possible using raid flasks and using the raid shield before 2600 cups apparently, but this should be fixed and needs a developers attention. @Petri

He would have had to have gotten a Raid Shield simultaneously at the exact moment he was being raided by over 10 different people, and that’s assuming he wins over 50 cups from each player. That’s impossible.

The player has been coming online and going offline several times over the past few hours.

My suggestion to fix this problem is that as soon as someone has a raid shield and is active, passing 2600 trophy cups should automatically break the raid shield to fix the issue some players take advantage of.

@zephyr1 can you please look into this issue and contact staff regarding this bug.

I can provide a similar video showing the same player above 3100 cups. Let me know if and how I should send it.

Any news about this? That guy still sits there with 3145 cups…

Idk if related with this one.

Same guy obviously not solved

In the meantime others have found out how to exploit this bug (?)

Maybe it wasn’t resolved…his raid shield just ran out and he is at it again lol…screw it…if they won’t fix it and it’s not a bug we should all do it…that’s fair right?

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Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate this here!


Thanks, still offline in top 5 and still unmatchable

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There was indeed an issue with Raid Shields, we have now fixed this. Thank you again for reporting this and my apologies for the problem!


Thank you for restoring balance in the force @Petri :+1:t3:


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