[SOLVED] Raid shield with no cup limit?

Just tried to do a revenge but got a notification that I can’t cause raid shield is active. Opponent is at 2800+ cups and global #25. Isn’t there a cup limit to the raid shields (never used anything so lame myself but think I’ve heard about it not being valid over a certain cup count).

Last I see is the limit was 2600, so this looks odd: Version 15.1 Release Notes

ETA: Technically correct, yet stupidly academic caveat: Raid shield don’t prevent raids that have already started, so it is theoretically possible that a large number of players all lost their raid on this player after the shield was activated. Which might push this player’s cup count to any height. Theoretically …


Never bought such crappy raid shield, but maybe it’ll stay active, if you already set it up below 2.6k and then climb above 2.6k…?

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That’s not possible, because raid shield gets deactivated once you start raiding again.


It’ll deactivate once you raid, so there are limited possibilities to gain cups while the shield is active.


20 chars…

This item seems to be the worst item in store, since a cool def will also hold you @ about 2.6k.

Waste your gems for a shield :innocent:


I’d guess it’s for people who want a good platform to do a global #1 push… Not really any other reason I can see for it…

I got raided by the fella and went in for the revenge just a couple of minutes later. Saw he was still online but in top100 so shouldn’t be an issue… and then got the notification about shield.

I find it kinda hard to believe that particular def team got raided for +200 cups (if he activated shield and then climbed into top100).


Yeah, I agree; that’s just wildly improbable.

Now, it could be SGG changed this (mis-)feature and forgot to add a release note to that effect …

… but I’d suggest you report it to them and let them sort it out: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

… as, by the information we have available, such an occurrence should hardly be possible.

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I will, cheers mate!

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A player well above 2600 cups protected by raid shields. And was online abu…using it. A second player raided by the player also confirmed this that they could not revenge (player at 3000 cups at the time). Not sure if a bug with the shields, a bug with different game versions or something else. Did submit a ticket. Have video.

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That has been reported a couple of times. Never heard about an answer or explanation.


Sounds like a bug, I don’t understand the shields anyway, but does seem like you shouldn’t have more than 2600 cups and a shield at the same time.

Can you post a link to said video? I think it’s important for us to see what you see, so we also can watch for it. Or see what exactly is afoot.

My line is sarmale1. I can share the video. Another player shared a similar video.

Wow. That is crazy! @Petri, how are these players well over 2600 trophies able to circumvent the Raid Shield trophy cut-off?

It’s unlikely, but possible, that this is what happened:

  1. Player A is offline with less than 2600 trophies.
  2. 5 or more other players begin raids on Player A.
  3. Player A comes back online and buys a raid shield, which they can do because their trophy count is less than 2600.
  4. The other raiders lose their raids, which boosts Player A’s trophy count above 2600.

Im guessing this is a bug and needs attention. My guess is that the player who had the raid shield bought it before getting 2600 cups and allowed him to stay shielded while passing 2600 cups, which is clearly an issue and should be addressed by SG.

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