[SOLVED] Quest Notification Showing Up (No New Quest)

My screen keeps showing a New Quest but a red flag showing 1 but when you click it, there’s no new quest.


Same here… happend 10min ago…

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Me too.
iOS - 1.13.2 Build 408


This has been happening for some time now. Happens even when there is a new quest. You get a red notification of a new quest, when you click on Quests and open the newest quest, close it and leave the Quests window, the notification is still there. It can stay there for some time.

This time it‘s little different because there was no new quest. The last quest popped up like 12 hours ago and the next one will in 50minutes. The ‚1‘ just popped up randomly and I was searching for a secret hidden quest but was dissappointed☹️


Same here… I thought I saw that wrong…

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Our complete alliance has same problem (for those that are online ~15 ppl)

The quest has now arrived. :slightly_smiling_face:

But that 1 is till there… my guess, it is somehow related to Guardian event.

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Have you opened the quest yet? My red 1 has disappeared.

Opened, played 1st level for both new quests I had and still have the red 1.

Disappeared and came back.

Well, it is a minor issue, IMO…:wink:

I dont think so. Guardian won‘t start this week and usually you get a timer saying „event starts in 24 hours“. Its just a little glitch that will fix itself anytime soon.

I have the same issue on android. I think the event is next week, Thursday, right? So I don’t think it’s that.

Edit: Info for the developers: This happens periodically, so it is probably on a similar occurrence cycle as the normal quests.

I know you are right, event is going to start next week. But do not forget that previous event started in first week of June. Could be some bug is coming from it. They changed event time back to normal but something went wrong with reminder. Just my guess, I don’t have any better explanation.

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One guy in my alliance has the event! And have played the levels. image

I highly doubt that it is an actual screenshot​:thinking::thinking: maybe he is fooling you​:smile: tell him to do one more level and screenshot;)

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