[Solved] Proteus bug?

Is there a bug with Proteus? He doesn’t seem to be freezing mana all the time. I get that sometimes it can come down to an opponent’s special or talent but that’s not the case in this example:

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But in Misandra’s card it does say that she can’t gain mana, but she can still fire her special because her mana bar is already full. But she can’t gain any new mana after that for 3 turns. Only silence (like Miki or Peters) and specials like Merlin, Hansel and Gretel can stop a special from being fired. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Aren’t able to gain mana for the next 3 turns, but able to use mana.

Now if a hero was fully charged when hit by Proteus or Hel, they’ll use it on the next turn and won’t be able to gain new mana for the following 2 turns.

No bug no issue here, works as intended and as the card says.


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