[SOLVED] Problems with Opting Out of War

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I’m the leader of an alliance that voted to opt out of this next War due to a holiday in the USA and a lot being unavailable to play. I unchecked the box for war participation but each time I logged in after that, it was checked off again. The same was true for all of my coleader team (I had them check to see if the same flaw existed for them). We have a training alliance so I checked in with that leader and their coleaders and the same was true. This morning, a war was queued for both groups though both were trying to opt out. Seems the option is there but it is only cosmetic at this time.

Did you opt out before or after the prep phase had begun?

Before. Multiple times. It never saved.

Also, just noticed this same prompt from 3 hours ago. Sorry Rook! I should have added this there.

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This has happened to some alliances in germany as well.

I actually am having the same issue. I literally unchecked the box to participate in alliance wars every day before preparation phase since the last war and it will not stay unchecked. I am wondering if this can be fixed. Should I report it to support?

There is a topic for that already.

@Rook Please ask the devs and confirm what is the window for optimg in/out. Seems option can be save ONLY the first 48 hours after previous war ends. After that seems you get entered in the matchmaking system and you can no longer change it until the next window.

People should know (!)


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Simple option is not to make the button available when preparation phase has begun.
You can only change it during set times and in between the option is simply greyed-out.
Should not be that hard to implement.


We attempted to opt out about 12 hours after the end of the previous war. It just did not save.

Mine was able to save. Let’s wait for Petri :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting this - We are currently investigating the issue!

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I run a training alliance too and my players are not up to scratch yet so I opted to turn off the wars for two weeks. The longest we actually opted out for was about 30 minutes as it kept resetting itself. So the war is active and my newbies are getting stuck into their suicidal battles. Billy Boy…

I did this and it still does not work.

We have this issue too. I’m in North America. I tried opting out immediately after the last war, during the wait period, even after the war was announced. It wouldn’t save. Every now and then, I’d see “this alliance opted out” but when I went back a second time, we were back in War again.

We’re in another war right now and as soon as it is over, I will try to opt out a couple dozen times and see if it works. I’ll report back.

@Petri: Can you please confirm?

We are looking into this and hope to get the opt-out fixed for all Alliances soon, my apologies for the problem! Current ETA is tomorrow morning.


Not working for me either. Magnificent Bastards. Not a big deal, as we decided to keep playing even with the matchmaking difficulties.

Thank you for your time. :blush::+1:

It is fixed now! Thank you :blush:

I don’t have the opt check box at all. Others in my alliance have never seen this. I have never participated in a war…could that have something to do with it? I am on a Samsung Tab A running build 826.

My opt in and out for wars has disappeared. Only been playing a few weeks and was not ready cor wars. So as soon as I reached level I could participate in wars I opted out. Now I have grown stronger I can’t opt back in?

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