[SOLVED] Problem in the name

I’m Cenoura1981 I start playing about 1 week ago. I was thinking about to change my name to WalkingDead1981 but i start to put differents formats of typing and accidentally pressed the save button now it’s saying that I have to pay 500 crystals to change it back please could you change it back because the name I accidentally put in isn’t my gamer’s tag and I don’t have enough crystals or cash to change it. Thanks for listening

You can ask Game Support for assistance, though they may not change it; the high cost of name changes was instituted partly to keep various players from spoofing other players’ names, in an attempt to steal their identity.

Give them a few business days to reply:



Hi Cenoura,
Would be glad to know if you got your issue resolved by SG.
But here is just a quick update to confirm what Rook already suggested that SG might not revert or refund things in a case like this.