[SOLVED] Price Discrepancies in Empires & Puzzles Store Pre/post Connect

Before connecting to the store

After connecting to the store

Is this a mistake?

Or scam players? I really don’t understand why you would do such a thing. If it’s a mistake there’s nothing to say (I don’t believe it at all). No, make no mistake, I want it not to be funny at all.

I don’t recognize those currencies but the price is USD is competitive compared to other offers.

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It’s not about the currency. Before connecting to the store, a different amount is shown (example: 1 usd), after connecting to the store, a very different amount is shown (example: 3 usd).

Before you connected there was no currency symbol at all. :person_shrugging:


I don’t know where you live. But all users living in Turkey (android or ios) have such a situation.

Since the language changed, it seems to be precisely that, that upon logging into the game, he entered a new localization and it converted the price to his local currency. I presume it was dollars before, but a symbol would obviously help.

This is not the case, obviously a different amount was entered for the visitors, a different amount was entered for the players. As you mentioned, if it were dollars, it would be a huge amount. I don’t know what the purpose of game management is, we are very curious.

Ah, you’re right: TRY is Turkish Lira (about 5 cent value). And the symbol seems to be Turkish Lira as well. This seems to be a big bug.

I am asking Staff to look at it.


@PlayForFun Did you ask about this?

Yes, I have asked it from Staff.
They have answered today that they will look into it.

In euros it shows the price is 4,99 € at first, but when you try to buy it, it goes to 5,99 €. Skipped because of that scam.


Thank you for the report and my apologies for the issue. We’ll investigate this here and update the topic once we know more.

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Same here, the price increases from 4,99€ to 5,99 €


Don’t get me wrong, but 35,99 TL are less then 2€, you don’t really expect SG to offer the Covenent Coins this cheap, did you?

I just looked on my bank application and I paid 5.99E

This issue should be fixed now and I’ll mark the topic as solved. Thank you for your patience!


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