[SOLVED] Possibility to replay Morlovia and reearn the rewards

Remember it was around 10pm Saturday night in Finland when the bug was reported.


Sure, but such a dramatic case requires every effort to be made. It has the potential to break the game entirely.

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Oh geez…

I haven’t even finished them yet, because I figured I had plenty of time.

Now I’m afraid to finish them, because what if I accidentally click on the same one again and end up losing my account as a result? Two years of work down the drain? :confounded:

Anyone who exploits this on purpose should of course lose all of their newest obtained goodies, though.


Just want to set the right expectation —

When these types of things come in, you have to remember you’re essentially in a sealed environment. Every keystroke or touchpoint creates data…

Fixes take time — but this isn’t the type of thing where you push out a quick patch… as it’s essentially just pixels moving around.

They can just as easily be removed as acquired. I wouldn’t expect much quickly — Assuming it’s a p0 or P1 issue; not a stumble upon type bug, highest priority … will be replicated, tested, regression tested, patch pushed, etc…

@Guvnor had the best advice — go through the Event like you normally would; but do not poke around trying to recreate something novel…


According to the video it’s extremely hard to accidentally exploit this. If you have no intentions to cheat then you’re completely safe to finish it.


I’m sure they can fix it and see who exploited it and ban every account during normal office hours.

It’s an unintentional exploit which is you knowingly do. So it’s cheating and full retrospective bans should be made.


Okay, cool. Didn’t watch the video.

As much as I’d like to have more loot, I don’t like exploiting loopholes to get it. I consider that a last resort. I won’t even cup drop in raids anymore. Even though all of my opponents are 1000x stronger than me, and I’m lucky to win 1/3 of my raids… I still get more personal satisfaction from beating a stronger opponent than I do from beating up on little guys.

EDIT: I will admit, I have used certain “advantages” in other games in the past. Especially if it’s a single player game where it doesn’t really matter.

But when it comes to a multiplayer game where we’re allegedly supposed to be competing against each other on level playing ground… LOL okay maybe that ship has already sailed long ago… but I’m not going to take advantage of obvious exploits to get myself a thousand free EHTs just to catch up to people who can afford to buy that many summons.

The only “exploits” I’ve ever used in multiplayer games were using certain skill combinations that allowed me to solo kill big bosses for great loot. But that was only possible because the skills themselves were a bit on the unbalanced side… not the same as exploiting a blatantly broken game mechanic.


Wow - kinda wish I could unsee this thread (as now I feel even more foolish about the amount of money I throw at this game, and I didn’t think that was possible). I don’t care as much about punishing the exploiters but this needs to be fixed ASAP.

I think my credit card just spontaneously combusted.


It ain’t this …

Saw the video too

If legit 1) it’s very niche 2) its clear what’s happening and why 3) it would be incredibly stupid to use…

It’s about as subtle as walking into a store wearing only a glow stick and wondering why people are staring

Ive done a lot of work in regulated industries (some connected to gaming) — 1) it really is routine - don’t blame them one bit 2) they’ll handle it… the person who picks the shade of Wu’s fur and decides how often he misses is not the person that hardens security protocols…3) it wont impact 99.999% of people flipping tiles; but will ultimately lead to an improvement

Finding these things are how we evolve, and why we have good security for things like banking apps … as well as things like anti virus software and OS updates


Bug does exist. I did my best when I heard it to get @mhalttu know it and other sgg.

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so there is a video ? and released date of it? man this is not acceptable how is it still a thing

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Yes it was and still it works

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Actually and for whatever it’s worth, this bug was reported through the BugCrowd platform hours before this thread was created. No idea if SGG got it though.

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This was running for ages??? Uau. Just uau. No wonder why this is still running. Maybe for them who plays…and they want us to belive this is rng?

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each user should get a permanent ban. it is outright fraud


Thank you for reporting the issue! We are currently investigating it here.

As a general warning to everybody reading this message: Please note that knowingly exploiting any bugs is against our Terms of Service, and can result in disciplinary action. Any extra rewards will be removed from the player’s account and if the resources have been spent, an equivalent gem value will be deducted.


Not really expecting an answer but…

What is the “gem equivalent” of a tabard? Obviously you have a value in mind! :slightly_smiling_face:

One that I would like answered — when would you instead ban the account? That’s also in the ToS, after all.

For others reading — from other forum posts, the game does support a negative gem balance. Not sure it supports negative item balances.


I’m not sure but isn’t a negative gem balance the same as suspending the account?

No, you can still play, but you can’t spend gems until you’re back in credit.


This cannot be done accidentally. You’re fine to continue the event.


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