[SOLVED] Possibility to replay Morlovia and reearn the rewards

Will be tough, and I guess it depends how over the ‘exploitation’ line it is. The argument of those using it will be that they expended world energy to do so. You take away their loot from that, they’ve essentially wasted WE/energy pots for nothing.

/for the record, I don’t know the exploit
//I tried to find it though, after this thread!

If that’s a genuine issue, I hope that the Devs will find a way to punish the ones who exploited it.

However, I feel like the OP is pulling everyone’s leg.

Just like the time when they pretended they’re FTP:

Or the time they pulled 3 5* heroes in 3 pulls:

And the time they got Onyx+Zulag with one pull.

Notice how there are no screenshots for any of them.


Few folks here are reporting seeing it though, albeit from others. If it was just the OP, I’d agree with you. But multiple…

/if indeed a lie, nuke from orbit!

If it’s a hoax…


Clearly the answer would be to toss them into Thunderdome with @Rigs


He should be chock full of love by now…


This is the kind of thread he’d fill with his brand of peace and togetherness …


Then ban the leftovers


Yeah, no. Far as I care they should be banned. Then the amount of WE used is irrelevant.

Because there’s no way you can claim this is some expected part of the game.

What platform is this for? Not mobile right? Didn’t know that the game was on console

That was a super flashback from simpler days haha

Sorry but I just went back to the event and none of the levels are available for replay.
Is this a hoax

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I tried to participate in a meme war only to realize I have so many ss’s from enp i would need a day off to find the memes :joy:

Totally agree. Full ban, no ifs or buts.

An issue like this could really tell us where SGG (or should I say, their puppet masters Zynga) stand on caring about the integrity of the game versus the dollar. If no serious action is taken, it might be time to leave en masse.


Wowser. Defs real, I got as far as ready to replay the level. But with 3 years invested in the game, fook that for a gamble. Are we sure this not a freely given Halloween gift :wink:

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Moderator Note (another)

I highly highly highly recommend against anyone exploring this bug… Even once for curiousity sake…

Sgg can (and have historically) been indiscriminate in disciplinary action for bug exploits. In their other game, Puzzle combat, disciplinary action was handed out to those who used an exploit a lot and also to those who were simply curious about it and did it once or twice…

So yeah, highly recommend that you don’t partake in this exploit.


@Vixx @Lexxtarc
How can they possibly roll it back tho. Those players who abused this exploit probably have already used those ascension mats and EHTs. And from what I’m hearing, the exploit has been around forever. I don’t see how they can go back and roll everything back. The only way would be to ban those players but that would also make a mess. SG really is at fault for allowing this to occur. This makes honest players who have spent money on the game look really stupid, especially those who have spent money buying EHTs or ascension mats.


I preferred the uncensored version :sweat_smile:


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Me too! But freedom of speech is censored.



Multiple game Devs have had to deal with this in the past. Multiple game Devs will have to deal with this in the future.

The bug bounty program helps catch it early since remediation can be a pain in the keister the longer a security vulnerability is in the wild.

I have heard rumors of several vulnerabilities with Empires, but one security update that remediation actually made the game perform worse for all players until SGG fine tuned it.

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Hard Currency cards

It’s actually aimed at professionals.

So even though I understand a lot of the form, some entry boxes are in ( as a former English tutor ) I really hope is industry jargon.

Just to cover all bases, you could contact support

(How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards))

SecSystem, er, Forum trust level 4

In the future, I would just flag my own post

(How to help our volunteer moderators)

But with 2x volunteer moderators on this topic, I think they know.

“Mods are paid in praise, and taxed in grief. The pay is too low and the taxes too high”


Sorry I forgot to mention, the exploit only works on the NES port of this game. If you are one of the few people who managed to get a cartridge copy of this game (rumour has it that the print run is lower than that of Panzer Dragoon RPG) and have a working NES to boot you are in luck!

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There is still no fix for the exploit. What a poor performance on the part of SGG. That really puts me off.

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