[SOLVED] Possibility to replay Morlovia and reearn the rewards

Hey @Staff_SGG,

There is a bug where it is possible to repeat the quest “Return to Morlovia” and collect the rewards again.

I heard about it a few minutes ago and I couldn’t believe it. I tried it because I thought it was a hoax, but it really works.

How can I send you a video to show you this without publishing it here. Otherwise it could serve as a guide for others and that is not the intention.

I have been told that some players took advantage of this in the Sand Empire and the Easter Event to get a lot of Mats, Epic hero tokens, Epic troop tokens etc.

Mod Edit

click for original warning.

I’m just putting this from the Empires and Puzzles website at the top so we’re all clear:

Please do note that knowingly exploiting any bugs (for example, to gain an advantage for yourself, harm other users, or otherwise interfere with intended gameplay) along with any different kind of cheating and abuse of the system violates our Terms of Service.

Moderator Edit # 2

You can contact support via their support website:

You need to login / create an account. Then view any article and at the bottom hit the “no this wasn’t helpful”. That then opens a chat window which is the new support tickets.


Everyone’s off to the races now, to figure it out before it’s fixed!!

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That’s bad. Really really bad. Many many players made 100+ of EHT and a few tabbards TODAY ONLY.

The game will be very unbalanced from now on. SGG needs to reset the game as of yesterday, at least.


what? im not sure what are you talking about. I have completed the event two days ago and i cannot replay any level

I don’t understand this Bug Bounty Program…

Definitely is an issue. Very easy to make it work!

They can contact you and send private message to you here in the forum.

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Okay. Thanks, I will wait…

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I would like to know step by step how this can be done. So that I don’t accidentally do it…


Easy enough to verify and rollback

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I think so. They could verify before who got the missing trainer from the event and who didnt… I wonder if they will erase only or warn those people too.

Ahh the old “Return to Return to Morlovia” trick.

:arrow_left:, :stop_button:, :arrow_up_small:, :arrow_down:, :arrow_left:, :arrow_up_small:+R2, :arrow_right: :stop_button:, :arrow_up_small:, :arrow_up_small:

Enter this on the main screen to activate.


Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start.


Wait is this the secret-1 level?

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Holy moly - that worked. Thank you.

If they ban every players who tried and/or exploited this bug, many top top top players and big spenders will be gone.

This is bigger than it seems. Very upsetting and unfair for all honest players who buys and/or save EHT for months… just to see thousand of players getting hundreds of them in a few hours because of this.

They need to rollback. And soon.


Pitchforks! Get your pitchforks here!

No finer torches found in any land!

Seriously though — If it’s a legit exploit, it will be handled… these things happen and are pretty cookie cutter

It’s nothing like a nerf — more like an outage…so please, in the name of all that’s unholy, Please keep a calm perspective :slight_smile:

Note: I wouldn’t expect a fast PUBLIC response




Moderator’s Note

Just wanted to let everyone know that @Guvnor reached out to SG Staff earlier to escalate this through the channels available to moderators.


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