[SOLVED] Possibility to replay Morlovia and reearn the rewards

Maybe it depend, how you did it. 1 time warning for example and several times suspended. Just my quess.

I expect SG set a threshold for where a warning switches to a ban. Maybe < n occurrences resulted in a warning, an n or > resulted in a ban.

I would like to apologize to @CertainHeredity, I was not correct in this case.

But when people often say mistruths, you take everything they say with a grain of salt, even when they are telling the truth (as it was in this case).


Sorry, that is CH E A T I N G. And the punishment should be suspension or permament ban. It was the last stage of the event, which means only players with big enough rosters & strong heroes could complete it. And you can only achieve that if you play for some time, and playing for some time means knowing how the game works and what the rules are.
(now I read that apparently it was the whole event no matter the stage, but the point still stands - a fresh new player with no knowledge of the game’s rules wouldn’t be able to progress far enough to get to the “good” stages with mats or EHT. And only a newbie could be “excused” for not recognizing that the glitch/“cool trick to get more stuff” is against the rules = cheating.)


Sorry, but if you find an ATM that’s giving out 10x as much money as it should and you keep the money - and especially if you max your withdrawals to get as much money as you can - it’s still theft. They’ll have you on camera, they’ll have electronic records of your withdrawals at the time in question, and they will prosecute you.

I don’t see how this is any different.


indeed, but mid range players had access to the easy and normal epic tokens. high level got tabards and emblems. some people appear to have used the trick since easter ( ! ) . imho, these 3 situations should not get the same response from SG.

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you can buy food with money, you can’t with a tabard or a Frank :grinning:

As long as SGG still has the logs from the Easter and summer events, they can easily sift through them to see who replayed levels and got duplicate rewards they shouldn’t have been able to.


Some get “only” a warning in the game, others have their accounts completely blocked, and some don’t even hear from SG. Basically the use of errors is not “Gentlement-like”. With such a successful company, such errors should not occur in the first place. But this shows us all that the game was tested very badly. A very unfortunate situation. Many players will now say goodbye to E&P. I can understand it.
E&P should be a bit more sensitive with its players, otherwise E&P will soon be history.


I edited my original comment (thought it only applied for the last stage). But IMO cheating is cheating. The punishment should be the same regardless.


There’s a lot being said around here, and honestly, E&P is not the first game where a bug can happen and some players take advantage of it as much as they can.

To come and say that it’s the developers’ fault is simply to give themselves an excuse and play the role of the spoiled child. There is a rule, in case of a bug, just warn, and wait for it to be solved. Those who have abused it, have done so consciously and know very well that they would have been punished accordingly… You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to understand this.

Now that it’s done, you can only blame yourself. In the meantime, for my part, I come here to complain not about cheating, but about what seems to be the solution chosen to “punish”. Let the players who have cheated the content they have obtained by forcing them to pay gems in compensation . It’s just a pathetic punishment. By doing so, you’re just going to create an even more monstrous imbalance between players… Do you want to keep playing? Keep paying, we’ll leave you alone, forget about everything… No kidding? You’re not tired of making fun of each other all the time and now you have cheaters and you’re going to thank them for filling your pockets easily? One could almost believe that this is intentional.

The only viable and honest solution is to go back to the time when the bug didn’t exist so that nobody benefits from anything at all… Then, sanction the players that will have been defined in the way you want. Finally, to compensate at the same time all the other players for the inconvenience caused, because in the end, in the end, to want to act as you seem to indicate… It’s all the rest of the community that you’re going to punish by giving the opportunity to its cheaters to monetize their winnings, it’s disgusting to remain polite.


It’s different because you aren’t banned from using ATMs, you are required to pay the money back.

Not a post advocating for cheating.

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can someone please link the part of terms of service speaking about cheating and relative treatment?

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Look i did it a few times couldnt access the tabard one but in my mind it was something to grind for. I was able to get eht and farm emblems it was too tempting. I made the mistake ill own up to my wrongdoing. Once it was reported I stopped cause I didnt want to get in trouble. Did it maybe 8 times. It was something to do and feel rewarded for as there was nothing else to do on the game chests etc were done. Im addicted to the game and i could keep playing a level with great rewards.


Kudos to @CertainHeredity to make this public. Seems to me, it takes more guts to hear about exploitable error in the game and report it than take free pulls and materials because you are “inside” enough to know about said error.

I really, really hope suspended accounts stays that way. Nobody “accidentally” exploits those errors in the game and nobody who has played more than few months can’t say that they didn’t knew that it’s not allowed to play events several times and get that same loot several times. You must be aware that gaining benefit in that way is not allowed.


The most saddening thing is how many people think they didn’t do anything wrong or admit they did something wrong but expect SG to not take any action.


I’m closing this topic as this issue has been fixed and we have now identified all the abusers. It is against the forum rules to debate any of our disciplinary actions. Please note any extra rewards will be removed from the player’s account as soon possible and if the resources have been spent, an equivalent gem value will be deducted.

If your account has been suspended, please read this:


While we do not comment on moderation decisions of individual players, abusing or exploiting an issue in the game is considered a violation of the Terms of Service (Community Rules) and has resulted in disciplinary action against the abuser’s account.

The disciplinary actions taken have been thoroughly considered based on the seriousness of the violations. Any extra rewards have been removed from the accounts and if the resources have been spent, an equivalent gem value has been deducted.

We understand that there are rumours about this exploit going back much further, to the Santa’s Challenge event in 2019. We have carefully analysed the data and can confirm that this exploit goes back only to the 2020 Sand Empire event. There were roughly 20 players who exploited this bug in that event. Those players have now been disciplined as well. This exploit was not used in any other Quests beyond these two Events.


UPDATE (6 Nov): We have now processed all of the offending accounts.

Our team has spent a considerable amount of time investigating, discussing, and validating each moderation action. All content received through using this exploit has been removed. If the content had been already used, we have deducted the equivalent gem amount. This may have resulted in a negative gem balance. If the player is not able to get the gem count back into positive within a specified amount of time, the account will then be suspended. There are also a number of accounts that have been permanently suspended due to clear and repeated abuse of the vulnerability.

All disciplinary actions taken are based on real evidence and various aspects have been considered when processing the accounts, including past moderation history, the severity of exploits and in-game activity. Please note that no players who tested this exploit only a few times have had their accounts suspended (but the content has been removed).

It is extremely important for us to keep the game fair for the whole Community and will not tolerate any form of cheating or exploiting of bugs. For further information on what we consider cheating, please review the following support article: Remember to play fair - don’t be a cheat!