[SOLVED - Please restart your game] War deleted after update v18.1.0 (Android)

Before updating, we had a war opponent, now that.

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Same here

Same here too…

Well, that’s the pits. Same here

Two other players in my alliance have the same problem.

Seems to be only visual bug because other team members see war preparation. They did not update a game.

same game updated and lose the war match.

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Same problem here.

Bei uns in der Alli auch mehrere betroffen, kein Zugriff auf das Schlachtfeld

We got the sam problem after they have to update to version 18.1.0…889

Same in my alliance, was ok before update

@petri I see some simmularity here…
Can you please ask someone to check on server side if this is really only visible bug or maybe something more?

Same problem after updating…grrrr

Same here. Need this fixed so I can document our team before the war for stats purposes.

@Petri @Sara @mhalttu tagged you for fixing.

We are aware of the issue and are investigating it here. Will update everyone as soon as we know more.


Right after installing update. I had just looked at our war opponents before the update.

My teammates can still see my D team on the field

Same as everyone else. Restarting doesn’t fix it. Clearing the app’s cache and data doesn’t fix it. I’ve submitted a ticket. This is getting really old, really fast.

@sara @KiraSG @Petri you should have a look at this.


We are aware and are investigating now - will update as soon as we know more.


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