[SOLVED] Playing the Mirages of Omega quest reset the default team selection to Team 1

Today after I have played the first stage of the Mirage of Omega quest my default selected team is moved to Team 1 which is the default for map and quest stages.


We are aware of this issue. I will update this thread as I have more inofrmation.

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Implement the same fix you did after the first two or three taverns of legends events where this bug showed up as well.

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Similar to when emblems quests came first out, my standard map and quest stages team is reset to team 1 after playing a Mirages of Omega quest stage. Please fix like it was fixed back then for emblems quests.

Also, I hope the game will remember my team for the Mirage quests per color, so I don’t have to change the team every quest again and again…

Yeah me too. It’s so inconvenient

Bug still exists, same as every other time a new event is added to quest tab.

Confirmed. It’s a drag. Why can’t they just fix it properly?

This will be fixed with the upcoming version 40 upgrade.
Unfortunately this quest arrived earlier than the upgrade.

Failed to win final level of morlovia, because my team 1 is my leveling team. Team 3 is my farming team, which can easily beat it, and which is my default selected team. Failed to notice I had my leveling team selected. Why doesn’t the mirages of omega use the teams? There’s nothing special about which heroes you are allowed to choose…

There goes 20 WE, when I need all of those points with all the extremely WE hungry events… Guess I’ll use a flask then.

Yeah, pretty annoying…
It made me to use items where I do not wanted too if this doesn’t alter my selected team.
Fortunately there is more than 1 day remaining so you can do this quest without a flask.


Umm, how is this marked solved if it’s still an issue? Sure, they say it will be solved eventually but it’s not solved now is it. I just love playing quests with my levelling team.

It’s coming. V40. Once a solution is in hand, it’s considered “solved”. Then we wait patiently for the release. It’s always been like this.

V40. Coming soon.

Version 40 release has been started:

And the fix for this is included in the release notes.

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That doesn’t make it right.

It’s like saying the road has been repaired as soon as they rip up the old tarmac. Doesn’t matter that you still have to detour because of the construction and it will be six months before you can use it again – it’s fixed.

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