[SOLVED - Players Have Now Been Compensated] Titan loot missing, bug (Feb 17)

This is not the kind of response I expect from staff on a game I’ve spent so much money on this month alone. This is absolutely unacceptable, and I can definitely find new places for my money to go. This is ridiculous.


That can’t be right

How many titans do you guys see between rares?

How many are killed?

How many escape?

That exactly right. Rares spawn between 10 and 15 killed titans (more close to 10 usually). Even if not let go any titan it’s already 50 days min, which little less than 2 months. We let go around each 5th titan (±).

Edit: just to clarify. 2 months to another rare green one (rooster), not rare at all because next rare in around 10 days and it will be yellow gryphon.

Interval between arrivals of rare titans addition same color for about two months.

  1. Why do SGs claim that they cannot determine how much * titanium had? If the alliance killed 14 * titanium and did not receive loot, then after it will arrive again 14 *, and not 10 * and not 5 *.
  2. Can SG determine if loot from rare titanium or from ordinary is lost? I think yes. What prevented the award of a bonus item in compensation? It is virtual, it would not really lose any money and retained the loyalty of the players.

SG showed exorbitant greed and I decided not to buy anything at all, either for money or for crystals. For a very long time from color chests, from chests of war, titans, from tournaments for 1% there are no 4 * items. For 200+ appeals of Atlantis, neither 5 * nor Wilber. And for the rare titanium they gave garbage. This is the last straw and I decided not to donate. Oddly enough, my mood clearly improved after such a decision.

The fact that SG will lose several hundred dollars of donation and there will be my compensation for a possible lost tonic. Since there is no other real compensation. And let SG think about how well the problem of lost loot is solved.

@gun, best to #contact-support directly:


Petri already said that they couldn’t detect what type or rarity titan was fought due to the Server Error which resulted in the lost loot in the first place…

@Guvnor, that doesn’t stop them from giving the top if they can’t see it from their end. If the goal is to make good something that went wrong on your side give the top loot possible, or at least close. That’s why I liked what @Rigs had to suggest above about loot from a regular 14*

Wasn’t defending or adding anything to taht… was just answering this specific questions:

and this one:

Petri said they can’t in his post here:

I get that, probably time for me to head to bed and get off the forum

And what will the same rare titanium fly now? We and many others have screenshots of dead titanium. But SG simply ignored them.

You asked the questions… I gave you answers…? Don’t attack me lol, I’m not from SG…

If you have an issue, take it up with Support by #contact-support

If you can’t determine, then why after 14 * and 12 again the same one flew in? Not 10 *, not 5 * and not 2 *?

My opinion is this: SG could simply issue a 4 * subject without paying attention to stars and rarity. Their receipt has been cut so that I need 4 years to pump green 5 *, no less. It became simply uninteresting to play and no 3-4-5 seasons will fix this. Especially after the SG has demonstrated its attitude towards players who invest a lot of money.


It seems that SG have an attitude towards everyone lol…

F2P say they are biased towards the whales & P2P
P2P/spenders saying the inverse

Guess nobody is a winner then…

So we had an unannounced Atlantises Rises popped up beginning of this month which SG admitted to fault, now this bug with the titan - both with a very poor response from SG and very poor compensation in my opinion.

I guess we can expect more faults to happen when S3 lands, with the same poor compensation when it does happen.

SG, you now have some very very frustrated players regardless of F2P or P2P - both whom have chosen to play your game over the many other games available. If you want to redeem yourself and show some goodwill, perhaps consider some nice gifts when S3 lands (not just then usual WE flask) or some better loot for the next 10 titans to compensate for this poor titan loot we just received.

Honestly yes

They’re humans and a business

Both which have faults, every human, every business

You can expect faults for the rest of their existence just like you can with everyone else

Their name is SmallGiant
Not SmallGods

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Come on, you and I (and anyone with program exp at all) know that is untrue of you being able to know what Titans were had. If you can track the alliances you can track the Titans. It is a case of simple backup files that every company has. I know what you say is a standard company response but we know it is untrue.

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To be fair, this wasn’t a bug… just an unannounced change (which for the record they are under no duress or requirement to make… its more a courtesy).

As such there wasn’t any need for compensation…

Ok this sounds more accurate lol

Thanks for the clarity

We get a rare once a week so was pretty baffled at the thought of 2 months

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