[SOLVED - Players Have Now Been Compensated] Titan loot missing, bug (Feb 17)

This is BS, this is not compensation for the missing titan rewards. We killed a 14* titan, and got only 3 loot rolls…


This “compensation” doesn’t even cover the harpoons we used. We didn’t get tier 1 harpoon loot from this. We spent 20 poons and got no titan parts.


we killed a 14*, used 3 or 4 flaaks, harpoons until second lvl, and today we recived this.
Shame on you SG

Shame , shame , shame

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My alliance is experiencing the same thing. They gave us the exact same titan as a reward and it was not what we took down. Nor was my loot tier appropriate for my effort in the titan. As someone that spent entirely too much on this game this month, this is unacceptable. This needs to be rectified and quickly.

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Same here! We killed a 12* and got loot for a 8*. Also Titan Parts are missing :rage:

Probly should have just made it a flat 14* titan with A loot and 20 poons used for every alliance that had issues instead of tryin to adjust in whatever way they did

Think it would have been the easier route and loot sucks no matter what anyways

Would have been below the equivalent of a rare quest to all which has been done in the past so the dumpin of extra mats/resources in the game couldn’t have been the concern here or at least shouldn’t have been unless they’re expecting this to happen more than once and don’t want to set a precedent of expectations and false claims for better titan loot


I understand the frustration, but unfortunately we were unable to detect the level of Titan each affected Alliance defeated due to the server-side issue.

We are currently looking into improvements to prevent issues such as this happening in the future.


In the future i think i would still just

I mean what would it really hurt?

Overcompensating(which with random loot, is that actually possible in the first place?) > undercompensating

The extra mats that anyone would receive would make little difference considering the amounts people need to max heroes

The customer frustration would be much less

I see both sides, sorta.

The 2nd part about not setting a precedent makes total sense, but considering this is the 1st time I’ve seen it happen in 2+ yrs, idk how much of a concern that should really be and if it does happen again what are the odds of it happening to the same alliances?

Probly more behind the magic curtain of data that I’m unaware of such as if the system somehow picked which alliances got screwed and which ones didn’t which could possibly increase the odds of the same alliances being effected again if this mishap occurs more than once, but that doesn’t seem likely to me(but possible)

Hmm idk. We weren’t effected, i have no dog in the fight, I’m just some random guy with an opinion


There would be no flustration at all if the right conpensation would be given…

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I can’t like this, still waiting to recharge.

That being said one of the basics of most customer service responses is giving the max if you can’t determine on your side what the mistake was.

Early in in the days of online shopping I often recieved incorrect items (several occasions worth far more than what I ordered – like the mid level gps I recieved in place of a cheap camp axe). In those cases I was given the mistaken item and my ordered item was sent with two day shipping (a premium at the time). The difference being in those cases the response was a real, tangible loss to the company (physical product, expedited shipping), whereas this has no true cost and would have garnered an excess of goodwill in the community (and a potential for more spending based on the perceived good actions).

EDIT: edited for clarity


Thanks for joke now gave as good stuff we earn for killing those titatns u can do it

If you can’t detect - you can ask to create support ticket for each alliance, but not just throwing random ■■■■ without thinking. I understand that low level alliances may be happy with 10* loot. But all high level ones (which generally more active playerbase and more spending playerbase as well) - are just freaked out completely. Not to say bad mistake resolving yesterday when you not checked that problem was actually resolved or not. Again: my alliance killed 12* RARE titan with harpoons on goal 2. Ordinary 10* no harpoon loot is absolutely out of respect in this situation.


Most of us, spend money for this game and all you can say is that you understand our frustrations? You don’t understand at all, we don’t get the loot for a rare titan, that it will come back in few weeks, we used harpoons and titan flask. What you gave us is nothing. You don’t even apologies for this. Give me an email address to make a complaint for this joke of a “resolved issue”.


That is the whole problem with all Zynga games. They don’t care about goodwill. They are selling an “experience” that in the real world has zero value. So they are simply returning the same thing you bought…nothing.

Sry but handing out titan flasks and harpoons just isn’t enough where’s the really loot we earnt and the points.

Received titan flask and 5 harpoons in game mail as an apology. So in the end it makes: loot for ordinary 10* instead of rare 12* green rooster. Returned flask and harpoons (since alliance used flasks to kill it) and harpoons to reach second goal. Missed higher loot for 12*, missed opportunity for bonus 4* item, missed green rare which now returns in 2 months. And in the end few alliance members already confirmed that they received only titan flask without harpoons. So yes, you absolutely not understanding the frustration. And basically unable to apology for mistake and fix it right. If from the start you asked about titans/harpoons levels and send everyone loot for their titan * level/rarity - this situation even not exists (especially after you stated that it was minor problem and there is small number of affected alliances). But in the end my alliance still frustrated very much. Customer service - horrible.

Edit: members who not got harpoons started to receive them. So I guess it’s in a progress now.


I understand all you say.
But in this case the correct action from your side is guaranty the best loot in best Titan. only in this way can you be sure that no player will be harmed.

The loot we got was shameful. A level 11* titan, and used harpoons gives a lot more than we got. I can’t imagine it would hurt you to give a bit extra to everyone. Sorry but I think this is so wrong.

Our alliance received the loot of the last titan (the one after the problem) double, do we are happy with this and like to thank SG. This was for is a proper compensattion combined with the harpoon and the flask.

You basically not think that people want to get what they put efforts for. And forgetting about simple psychologically fact when you do wrong and wrong move again and again - it’s increase level of anger/frustration even higher than it was at the start. While simply 10* loot not highest and you simply was able to check if it cover affected alliances or there is higher level ones (just checking titan score). Not to say there is rare/ordinary titans. No comments

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