[SOLVED - Players Have Now Been Compensated] Titan loot missing, bug (Feb 17)

Almost 19 hours now…and still no titan loot!
And some of my alliance teammates had loot as usual, while I’m still waiting :pensive:

We still haven’t received our loot either.

My alliance got rewards for the titan, but we don’t have a point to the path.
This should also be checked @Petri
Alliance E&P chillout

It has been many hours now and the alliance “Ascendant Happy Dragon’s” hasn’t received and titan loot or credit for the kill and we are more than halfway through the next titan. Is the plan to compensate the affected alliances at some later time or date and update the PoV and titan chests also?

Aliance “…Polska…” till now we haven’t received our Titan’s loot :frowning:

Pearl of the Orient Seas still didnt get any of the titan loot or Valor Titan points.

Sorry, too many dots - the right name of the aliance is “…Polska…”

It looks like automatic correction: only two dots before Polska and two dots after :slight_smile:

Spain vs Titanes was not compensated for Titan either which is a shame because a few people including me Ase used a Titan flask on an 8* titan.

Update: February 18, 2020

  • The alliances who were affected by the issue have been located
  • The affected players’ progress has been updated (Titan Chest, Path of Valor)
  • The players have been donated Titan Loot

*If you have left the Alliance where you defeated the Titan, you may not have been included in this group. Please do contact us directly through the in-game Support tool and be sure to include the Alliance name and when the Titan was defeated.


Meh… we killed a spider 12* with harpoons to tier 1.

Sorry but your solution is a ■■■■. Our alliance defeated rare 12* rooster. With harpoons on second goal. You send random loot for ordinary 10* dragon without harpoons. Ridiculous.

Hello, what kind of loot is this? We defeated a 10* rare green titan and you gave us loot for a normal red one? I want some clarifications and put the loot for a green rare 10 stars.

We have received the same general crap… Why on earth is it so painfull for SG after making a big mistake to be kind and give for example the best possible loot as a compensation? Like rare 17 tier… Everyone would feel ok with that… Or what about the proper loot what everyone missed? If this is a fault in your system and you are unable to review the progress per alliance, is it really hard to make a call and give the highest possible loot so that no one would suffer due to your bug…?
@KiraSG Why do you call it donation if it gives less than what we should get? SG were even cheap with the harpoons…


Јust give 3 titan flags and everyone will be happy :wink:

We killed a rare green titanium, and loot received 5 crystals for ordinary red. Since they are so greedy, then I stop buying anything, bathe in tournaments until I accumulate 17 tonics for 3 out of 5 of my green 5*. Maybe I’ll completely stop playing. So this handover of 5 crystals will cost them several hundred unreceived $.

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Unfortunately they always behave like this with mindless decisions. Nothing new. Because of this I stopped to pay a long time ago already. And not only me.

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The solution it’s bad for the players, in my alliance we defeat a rare 10* Titan with harpoons in 2 lvl and we receive a lot for 10* Titan without harpoons, This is not fare. What do you think @Petri @KiraSG?

And look I receive an epic token, but this is not fare for all players in my alliance.

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Can i have an answer for my post?

@ kiraSG, how do I contact you directly? I was mercing and killed the titan and left before the issue was resolved. I did not take the screen shot of the titan.

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