[SOLVED - Players Have Now Been Compensated] Titan loot missing, bug (Feb 17)

@gun, best to #contact-support directly:


Petri already said that they couldn’t detect what type or rarity titan was fought due to the Server Error which resulted in the lost loot in the first place…

@Guvnor, that doesn’t stop them from giving the top if they can’t see it from their end. If the goal is to make good something that went wrong on your side give the top loot possible, or at least close. That’s why I liked what @Rigs had to suggest above about loot from a regular 14*

Wasn’t defending or adding anything to taht… was just answering this specific questions:

and this one:

Petri said they can’t in his post here:

I get that, probably time for me to head to bed and get off the forum

And what will the same rare titanium fly now? We and many others have screenshots of dead titanium. But SG simply ignored them.

You asked the questions… I gave you answers…? Don’t attack me lol, I’m not from SG…

If you have an issue, take it up with Support by #contact-support

If you can’t determine, then why after 14 * and 12 again the same one flew in? Not 10 *, not 5 * and not 2 *?

My opinion is this: SG could simply issue a 4 * subject without paying attention to stars and rarity. Their receipt has been cut so that I need 4 years to pump green 5 *, no less. It became simply uninteresting to play and no 3-4-5 seasons will fix this. Especially after the SG has demonstrated its attitude towards players who invest a lot of money.


It seems that SG have an attitude towards everyone lol…

F2P say they are biased towards the whales & P2P
P2P/spenders saying the inverse

Guess nobody is a winner then…

So we had an unannounced Atlantises Rises popped up beginning of this month which SG admitted to fault, now this bug with the titan - both with a very poor response from SG and very poor compensation in my opinion.

I guess we can expect more faults to happen when S3 lands, with the same poor compensation when it does happen.

SG, you now have some very very frustrated players regardless of F2P or P2P - both whom have chosen to play your game over the many other games available. If you want to redeem yourself and show some goodwill, perhaps consider some nice gifts when S3 lands (not just then usual WE flask) or some better loot for the next 10 titans to compensate for this poor titan loot we just received.

Honestly yes

They’re humans and a business

Both which have faults, every human, every business

You can expect faults for the rest of their existence just like you can with everyone else

Their name is SmallGiant
Not SmallGods

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Come on, you and I (and anyone with program exp at all) know that is untrue of you being able to know what Titans were had. If you can track the alliances you can track the Titans. It is a case of simple backup files that every company has. I know what you say is a standard company response but we know it is untrue.

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To be fair, this wasn’t a bug… just an unannounced change (which for the record they are under no duress or requirement to make… its more a courtesy).

As such there wasn’t any need for compensation…

Ok this sounds more accurate lol

Thanks for the clarity

We get a rare once a week so was pretty baffled at the thought of 2 months

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Just thought it was obvious in first message because I talked exactly about rare green all the time (because we killed it with lots of flasks and harpoons; also people spend a lot of tornadoes/time stops because it’s rare so emblems, Atlantis coins and bonus chance for tonic). Not rare in whole :wink:

Well, I am aware that this post will be removed very quick from this forum obviously.

Already a lot of mistakes from staff enough to be angry in this thread and 10* loot for rare 12*. But further better. I am attaching screenshots from contacting actually support of this game through support platform:

Moderator edit to remove direct communication with players and SGG as this violates forum rules.

Really cool support and respect of customers yeah? No it’s just horrible. Stupid decisions, terminal greed, non professionalism, no respect. It’s like going to casino, but instead of free cocktail you get punch in the face.

So what we have in the summary? Millions dollars game which is parasitising on addicted gambling of players. Because only really updates and support are about summons and offers and Season 3 are released because of new summons and another money sucking. QoL updates? Almost none in general (even if there were promised some, like languages for other countries - Ukrainian one which was promised in sneak peak more than year ago. Year just for game translation and additional game chat). Support? Useless because there is negligence, ignorance, “it’s RNG” and “it’s your internet connection” mantras - even if there are often clearly their horrible coding and bugs in updates (like it was with bug when game works, WE farms works, Raids works, but was thrown out of game when tried to attack titan. After reaching support - “it’s your internet connection”. Really? My internet connection enough good to run this slots but just don’t like titan attacks? Complete bs. And btw after next small update this situation stop to repeats so I guess my internet connection understand that it behaved bad.
Communication with customers? Such minimal that it’s always like they will die if will write few more words and explain what’s going on.
Respect and care about customers/players which create them popular and wealth? Ha ha and again ha! Admitting their mistakes? If yes - only because it’s such a obviously bad move that not say “sorry” without being sorry is will be really explosive.

And I can continue this a lot more. But well most know it without me.

Obviously I am not a star which quitting were discussed on this forum. Just a player who played this game daily during almost 2 years (more than 600 days of being an leader and that alliance went from complete zero with only me as member to 12-13* titans, and top400-500). And also wasn’t a star on forum - although read a lot and sometimes participating. And mostly alliance with great people was the reason I am still played last 10 months. Because this game not that cool, especially if you are not an addicted to slots and not getting high while throwing thousands of $ for completely virtual stuff which will stop to exist in the same moment this game will be closed.
So this situation is last drop for me. Obviously I am leaving and not planning ever to return. But one last thing I want to do. Obviously not only me angry about what I wrote above. So let’s do small flash mob with changing our rate of this game on Google play and other platforms? I am sure they deserve better rate than 4,5 on Google play (although few months ago was 4,7). I think 3,5 is better fit and they worked really hard to get it. So any participating are welcome. Sharing (especially screenshots of this post because most probably it will be deleted) - very-very welcome. And if you not agree with what I wrote - thanks for reading and I am happy that you personally haven’t that frustration and numerous bad experience which me and my alliance have.

@SWEG @zer0 @SupremeAlienRaptor @BRDDCRMGN @Stormfogel @Bregolien @Sictir

P.S. I left behind all swearing and truly descriptive words because they in filter and even don’t allow to publish this post at all without moderator permission.

I’m sorry this was the response from SG. Having worked customer service I know that there are customers who will do almost anything to make things right, and there are others that fall short. Unfortunately I think this one falls way short. I know they said that their response was for a 10* Titan to “retain the balance of the game,” but I feel this is bogus. If it would have truly affected the balance of the game then they wouldn’t have higher level Titans. This send to be a low point in responding to the customers.

Not sure why it replied to you. thought I replied to Perti comment saying they have no way to track what happened.

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