[SOLVED - Players Have Now Been Compensated] Titan loot missing, bug (Feb 17)

My ally killed the titan, no one got the loot, the titan wasn’t even counted for the chest… Anyone had similar issue? :thinking::thinking:

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We have the same problem. Three alliances have already written that they did not receive an award for titanium.


@Petri @KiraSG Check what happened there, please. I need something to answer people

We are aware of the issue here and are currently investigating. Thanks for reporting


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Same here. We didnt got any loot and titan isnt counted for path of Valor or anything else


Same here. Increased difficulty for Path of valor titan challenge …


The problem exists for the whole alliance |be Water|, too.

The titan chest was not filled and no one got the loot. We just have the message that the titan was killed in the chat,


+1 alliance which didn’t received anything yet. 20 mins already.


Same problem here. Entire alliance received nothing and no titan chest count!

Here too, 37 minutes already:

(YoavGlaz on Pool Party alliance)

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Same problem in my Aliance.
And he have a rare Titan.

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I killed on this morning and no loot and no count towards the POV.

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We are still investigating the issue here and are currently trying to detect the Alliances affected by this issue, so we can compensate/fix the missing progress. My apologies for the issue and thank you for your patience!


That was one I killed

Same. Don’t get loot after titan kill. Not count to wanted mission and path of valor

I did not get loot either! We got the big head medusa thing as well

My colegs and i we didnt receive any loot from titan and titan chest and valor dint put titan kill there. My alliance name îs Romania’s Kings. An i put also money în this game. I hope u resilve that bug

I would just be happy with a titan flask and a +1 added to my titan POV

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