[SOLVED] Performance Issues After Updating to V41 (Fix Available for Android & iOS)

Stuck on loading cannot login, great update
Finally do get in boot me off due to connecting to server, lost 2 raid flags, thanks.

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On iPad, laggy and says cannot connect to server, now can’t connect at all.

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has been laggy after the update, was esp slow when matchmaking raids early. now it looks like the server is having issues since cant even connect to play.


Just connected fine and seems stable for five mins, hopefully they tweaked something.

12 days passed from the first message, but no reaction at all. It is sad as fact. I wont go to the next tournament with 10 fps, and if this will not be fix, Its really does not worth my nervous to play such way further. I still hope someone works to fix this. It is pity, there is no way to return on 40 version… Horrible experience. 13 fps on titan…

Please, if someone will know, that devs works on this, post here, thanks in advance.

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@mhalttu @J.o


Hello everyone, we are actively investigating this. We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused!



I have been noticing a slight FPS drops and general laggyness since last few updates. It is getting worse with every update (feels like). Been playing this game for almost two years and this didn’t happen before.

Note: This is happening to my iphone x and bluestacks. So it is not a specific device issue.

On a side note, mystic visions do not work in bluestacks (i know unsupported etc; but they used to work before).

Would be nice to get some performance update and MV fixes for people who often play from desktop.


Some seem to connect it to the recent update.

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With the most recent update, I have noticed a considerable lag in gameplay. The lag is noticeable when playing on either of my tablet (Android 10) or PC (Bluestacks Android emulator).

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About MV → Nox works, I checked. Bluestacks without MV and I think this is Blue`s problem, not SG.

About lags - have the same lags. And wait for patch. It is good, that devs work on it (by their words). But it is really not good, that many players have lags, and they make tower event, where lags or bad fps are absolutely not normal, when the time is your score.

+1 for the laggy game.

Last updates made the game to be really slow sometimes… Thinking on stopping this game for a while… Where the time is really the score we can’t do it.

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My personal record))) 2 fps :grin:

Update: we have now released an update that should fix this on Android. Please update your game!

Update for iOS will be released soon, once Apple has approved the update.


I just tested. It is much more smoother (many thanks!!) but still a bit laggy. Used to be waaay more smoother!


Check whether your app is put on power saving mode.

it bothers me that you are looking into it now that it affects android… apple players have been reporting in support and on here for so long we got tired of it… (since s4 came out)…

I sincerly love this game and hope you will fix iphone as well it’s becoming unplayable…

lose war flags lose mythic titan flags I lost a tower flag today…

this is not fun…

your time to fix this is running out… we are getting tired… I really really really hope yyou can find I fix soon…

I know your job is hard…

thank you for trying … faster.

update… I see Ios has a update pending yay…

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Virtual hug for Tea :heart::heart:

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IOS update is now available as well, please update your game! I’ll mark this issue as solved.


Seems to be smoother on iOS after this update. I’ll continue to test. Thanks

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