[SOLVED] Performance Issues After Updating to V41 (Fix Available for Android & iOS)

I just updated my game today on iPhone and now there’s considerable lag in game. Whenever I press any button or try to X something out, there is a noticeable delay. It seems moving tiles in a battle isn’t affected but literally pressing any button in the base, tower, tournament, leaderboard, etc is followed by a delay. It was fine and very smooth before I updated tho.


I don’t usually install updates until I get the big screaming update! in the game, so I can neither confirm nor deny this issue

But if anyone else is noticing a lag it seems like you would have at least one response?

Have you tried all the usual re-open game, reboot phone suggestions?

Otherwise at least I can bump the thread to the top and see if anyone else is having an issue :woman_shrugging:

I only figured I’d update early because eventually the game decides to do that forced wall and THEN takes longer to download the update. But yeah, I’m experiencing that lag too after super early updating. I thought it was the game about to do the long download/disconnect abruptly or prevent me from playing stages.

Imma be mad if it suddenly crashes because of updating early.


Yes. There is def lag. I thought I was the only one experiencing this but looks like that’s no the case.

I am particularly scared each time I am in raid, tournament or war. I am just concerned that the game may crash…


@Petri seems like this is an issue after the most recent update

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Also experiencing this on my Galaxy S7 very recently. Switching screens have a 2-3 sec delay and minion attacks are super laggy. Like each individual minion takes up half a second each. Also makes titan attacks which are timed especially very frustrating. Borderline unplayable

Seems like this isn’t just an iPhone issue then.
I’m currently on the latest version which is 40.1.2 Build 982 and the game isn’t smooth at all.
I think Android latest version might have a different build #.
Pls fix SGG!


Adding my voice to this. I’ve had to close and restart the game on a couple of occassions as it freezes while exiting the heroes screen or switching to the quests page.

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Myself and a number of alliance members have also noted “hiccups” frequently occurring in the game since the last update. It seemed to be only Android users, though. I guess Apple also has the issue now. For us, it is especially pronounced during combos on the board or is we try to trigger too many specials at once. Oddly, the hiccups don’t seem to happen when the autoplay triggers a combo.

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Androïd build same problem for the last five days… Critical for Wars, Titans, Raids, events and path of valor…

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It’s really annoying when I’m trying to feed my heroes. Like I need to collect the feeders from my TC’s, then open hero roster, click the hero, click on the feeders to feed, click ok, then click X, and repeat. But every single step is super choppy. Feelsbad

Registered just to emphasize this problem. Game went very recently annoyingly laggy. Reinstallations etc don’t seem to help. Never before had problems that restarting the app wouldn’t fix.

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Any updates on this?

I updated today and am having this issue, very frustrating

Yea it’s still happening for me and very frustrating. Not sure if SGG is aware.

Same here. iOS on 3 devices. Feel it most on titan hits. Frustrating

The game lags after updating V41. Please fix it !

I have occasionally experiences this since earlier this year, perhaps because my android specs is lower than yours. In my experience, the performance is slower with each additional updates/new contents.

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Experiencing very poor game performance and frame stuttering as well after updating. Tested on Android phone and 2 different PC emulators, the issue is present on all instances.


Just got kicked out of a fight that was about to happen in war and luckily I didnt Prees attack if this is because of the update might want to check it ASAP.

Now I’m worried I’ll be kicked out mid fight lol.


3-20FPS heavy slowdown something is wrong after update.
Taping on any interface fps drops to 0 and in battles can’t go above 30ish.
High combos 6 and above tiles start to flick :s


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