[SOLVED] Path of Valor opens in 13 days

Heya :slight_smile:

Just noticed that Path of Valor will take 13 days to re-open; usually it’s no more than couple of days. Why so long to prepare, will they be modifying something? Does anyone have news? :wink:


Welcomed break, I’m low on grey tokens. I usually have 150 when PoV starts, now I only got 100. 13 days will give me time enough to recover some of the missing tokens.


Would rather have a longer break so I can collect my resources and have it ready by next pov

Yeah im not a fan of the big break. The game is more fun with the little daily assignments.

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out of curiosity, how did you collect all these tokens???
i currently have 17…

They want some time to reduce more the loots etc :rofl:


a breather to prepare for it is needed
could they be preparing new challenges??

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It’s not hard. Just play a lot and don’t use the tokens. I hoard them and then when POV is coming to the end I figure out how many I need to use to get Summons X finished. Having VIP helps with the 2x daily free pulls as well.


so basically multiple wanted chests per day? i usually do 1 monsters and 1 heroes and as many mystic visions as possible.

Hopefully this break they will update the rewards and include Atlantis Coins and take out some of the herbs and other minor rewards you can get through farming. Then again it’s probably someone is on holiday and they have to wait for them to return.

Also the best time to upgrade your barracks so that you won’t miss the Troop daily missions :smiley:


:100: Already started my barracks upgrade :grinning:

…and hoarding of Summon tokens has also started.

Wondering if the extended gap may have anything to do with planning ahead for December when there’s usually a lot going on.

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No, some days I don’t even raid beyond tournaments. I do all the quests that offer them and sometimes I gem skip chests like during Atlantis but I do mystic vision every time it’s live, all the tournaments and quests etc. that’s just what builds up when I don’t spin them except to finish off valor summons over like 6 months since I started saving them.

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This is not the first time the delay is 13 days though.


Grey tokens? Just play, they are common stuff, they drop from almost everywhere. Hoard them and use them all when PoV is active, for the summoning quest. I’m usually collecting about 150 between two PoV openings, without paying any special attention.


i play everything when its happening as well, this game hates me so much they dont always give me these tokens as rewards.
today with the titan i have the most damage with A+ and they gave me everything but the cursed token :rofl:

i need to be patient and collect, hopefully with the ones i am hording i get a push for the next POV challenge, finish it early and start hoarding again

This is true… But they have also said it will be a lengthy brrak, and then adjusted it so PoV started sooner. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just and only… happy with the interval between paths :smiley:

I get 4-5 silver tokens per day on average. (Including from tournaments, challenge events, etc)

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somedays it rains silver tokens, other days i get nothing out of the rewards…this game is solely built on luck i think, and i have horrible luck :confounded: