[SOLVED] One building in progress, two counters on the map after today's update

I have two more days until my base gets upgraded to level 20. Today I updated the app and after that I have one more counter over the map which is not yet uncovered. Can someone explain what is showing the second counter and why I have it?

Do you play on two different accounts on the same device?


Yes, that’s my second account.

Strange things happen when you switch accounts. When I was playing on 2 accounts, a building under construction was highlighted like just finished one when I switched to my main account. Sometimes farm building looked like lvl 5 despite being lvl 20.

So most probably it’s a glitch related to switching accounts. Good news - it’s just a harmless visual glitch which doesn’t affect the gameplay. Nevertheless, I’d suggest to contact customer support and attach the screenshot:


Small Giant doesn’t support multiple accounts on the same device, so there’s nothing they’ll be able to do to help.


True. But they provide article about switching between different Google Play accounts:
So it seems a bit inconsistent.

That was my first thought too.

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Build 1091, when I switch accounts to one where area 20 is not open for building, from one where it is, I get a ghost count down bar displayed from the old account. Just one, just the bar and time, no building.

It shows up in the same place it was on the old account. Not seen any problem with the mutually open areas.


Please note SG doesn’t officially support many accounts on the same device:

we cannot offer official support for multiple accounts as the game is designed to be played with only one account per person.


It worked OK until the latest release. Actually it is not just the blank area, other information is incorrectly shown on a training camp, for instance, when you switch accounts.

Right…but multiple accounts per device is not officially supported, so it’s not something they are going to test before release or fix if there are visual issues. They explain how to change accounts on the same device if you wish, but if you have a problem, there’s not much that can be done. Many people use a tablet for one account and a phone for another.

Today I have two new counters on the main account as well. I’ll remove the second during the weekend and see how the picture changes.

this also happened in my account

@S1lly73 do you play two accounts on same device?

Yes, I use usally a device, but not Always! This morning Is alls back in normality in true

Same issue and 2 accounts. Bug appeared only after recent update. I’ve never experienced something like that before and I play for 4-5 months on my accounts. Nevertheless gonna write a review with 1 * in play market app page and send screenshots for support. Even if there’s no official support for 2 accounts right now, we let them know we exist and need help. Sooner or later they pay attention or dissatisfied players quit.

I’m wondering how the statement “Do you play on two different accounts on the same device?” appears to be the solution for this problem :grinning:?
Or only for the purpose of closing the thread down someone marked this as solution?

No idea. I don’t have rights to mark my answer as solution. You should ask moderators.
Perhaps it’s because the issue is caused by playing on different accounts, and since SG doesn’t support multiple accounts on the same device, nothing more can be done about it.

Well… “doesn’t support” is quite vague for me. They allow it but doesn’t support it. How come?
Normally if you don’t support something you don’t allow it. I’d rather quit the game than buy tablet for the second account.

It means they design game to be played on only one account per device. If it works on many accounts that’s fine, but it’s not guaranteed it will work and they don’t have to fix any issues related to playing on multiple accounts.

Similar example: You can play this game on Android emulator on PC. But SG doesn’t guarantee game works on emulator. If it works then it’s your luck. If it doesn’t they won’t fix it.

No, it doesn’t work this way. For example you can run Microsoft Office on Linux using some dedicated software. Microsoft doesn’t support it so you can’t any help from them if you have troubles with that. But they don’t disallow it either.

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