[SOLVED] Oct 22/21 Mystic Vision issue with ads not closing/giving rewards with certain ad

I, too, am having the same issue. I have restarted the app. I’ve shut down my device. I have updated the app, as well. Nothing has helped. Any other advice, anyone? My Alliance is out of ideas, too; no one else there is having trouble.

Same for me. I’ve watched the Peloton stationary bike ad 10 x today with no reward … starting to think the games telling me something :flushed:

So far at least 5 players in my alliance have reported the same issue! Please help! Thanks!

Same problem. I watch Mystic Visión a lot ofi times Edith no reward.
Please, solve this problem

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Same here all day today. Watch video no reward given.

This a known issue:

Also, @Rook @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard @Petri I’ve noticed separate posts on this topic, perhaps a merge…you know in your spare time :wink:

I’m having the same problem, it started happening when I updated the game.

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I am having issue with my mystic vision too.
Mine can start the video. Played for 30sec and nothing happen when 30sec advertisement ended.
If I cross out the advertisement, it just go back to town main screen and no rewards given while the mystic vision is still available to play again… :frowning:

Same problem is happening to me now. Skash advert and after exiting no reward. I have watched it 6 times already

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For what it’s worth, I had the same problem this morning, though MV paid me the first time, but it wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I played it, and I only got paid once (of course).


Hello everybody,

Today I witnessed a problem with the Mystic Vision’s video. I tapped the icon, watched the video but I got nothing and the icon of the video still remains. I did that over and over again but still happens the same. Anyone that has the same problem?
I have an IPhone 8

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Since yesterday I have the same problem

Having the same issue this morning - the ad won’t do away and no reward, no matter how many times I watch. I have restarted the game, restarted my phone… to no avail…

Good to have company in this issue. Not working for me too, with Tido advert. Not going to watch that again! Rebooted the ipad twice to no avsil. Still there as if I had not watched it

Same here. Have watched MV about 10 times now; no reward and it doesn’t go away. It started acting like that about 20 minutes ago. Until then, MV was working just fine. Never had this issue before. Running v16.0.2 build 459 (currently the latest version) on iOS 12.0.1

The problem is fixed


Problem still occurs.
Commercial is
Nextmarkets CFD Trading App

it still does not work
i’m an ios user
video ads run around two ads, amazon and cab.

Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the issue! We aware aware of that certain ad is not giving rewards from Mystic Vision and are currently investigating this.